readwriteweb say mediaLast month marked the end of one of my longest-running consulting engagements, with popular technology blog ReadWriteWeb. Founder Richard McManus announced last month that ReadWriteWeb is being acquired by Say Media, a company formed by the combination of VideoEgg and Six Apart (formerly the maker of Movable Type). Congratulations to Richard and the rest of the RWW team on this exciting next step!

ReadWriteWeb will soon be migrating from Movable Type to a proprietary SAY platform, which, based on publicized rumors (I have no inside knowledge), may be based on the TypePad platform that came with the Six Apart acquisition (which in turn, many moons ago, was based on Movable Type).

During the fours years that I worked with ReadWriteWeb, most of the services I provided were Movable Type management, maintenance, optimization, and custom development. Projects included at least one major re-design integration and a hosting migration from one provider to another. I also helped RWW integrate social media services through several of my Movable Type plugins including FriendFeed Comments, Twitter Commenters, and Twitter Tools. My Visitor Stats plugin helped provide real-time stats about traffic to RWW stories and show which posts were most popular.

Once again, congratulations to ReadWriteWeb and thank you for 4 years of interesting projects. I wish them all the best in future.

apple-ios-5.jpgIn 2011, I stared learning how to create iPhone and iPad apps. In 2012 I will start offering iOS app development services, in addition to Movable Type development, SEO, PPC advertising, and other internet marketing services.

I have one iOS app that is a work-in-progress, which I plan to finish soon. I had to put it hold due to higher priorities but hope to jump back into that project very soon. I also have another idea for a "fun" app that mixes photography, art, and social networking -- this one remains at the idea stage, but hope to start work on it soon.

After one (or both) of these projects launch, I will begin to offer iOS app development services. Stay tuned for more details.

One of my sites sites received almost 100 million page views last month. Fantastic, but not as much as you might think. I made approximately zero dollars from this. One of the things on my 2012 todo list is to do something about this. I am still not sure what, but i gotta do something. It is not conventional traffic, so its complicated. But even a CPM of $0.10 would be very nice. Hmmmm...