April 11, 2004

Content Targeted Amazon Ads

I recently came across a tool that displays Amazon product links that are targeted at the content of the page - much the same way that Google AdSense targets ads.

The tool, which is offered by Alexa, works by adding some javacript to your page like this:

<script src="http://quicklinks.alexa.com/ifreq_server?return_js=1&store=books&tag=dvdplayers

Here it is in action (as I write this I am not sure what books will be recommended):

I have started a test with these ads on several of my sites. I wonder how good the targeting will be. Compared to AdSense, the range of products that can be displayed is much narrower, especially since you have to specify only one amazon store (books, dvds, electronics, etc.). By the way, that's number one feature request for Amazon associate links: ads boxes that span more than one store. This would be especially useful for Amazon Web Services (AWS) - enabling you to display a book, a dvd, and a dvd player in the same ad box. I am interested in feedback on how good the targeting is -- please reply in the discussion for this entry with your comments.

You can pass the following arguments with the script:

store - books, dvd, electronics, etc.
url - the URL of the page to target
tag - your Amazon associates id
ad_geometry - a code associated with the size and dimensions of the ad box

There is also an XML output option, which returns a series of keywords and a single key phrase based on the target URL. The idea is that you can then use the key phrase to display links using AWS. The XML method take the following form:


The tag n_terms enables you to limit the maximum number of terms that are returned. This actually affects the target phrase as well, so it would be interesting to test the optimal number of terms to achieve the best targeting.

To see what books would be recommended on your site, use the form below:

Ad Geometry:


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April 2, 2004

Moving and Shaking

Thank to Jason from Career MetaSearch for pointing out that Markcarey.com is #9 on the Alexa Movers and Shakers list. The "Weekly Traffic Rank" of 8,430 means that I am currently in the top 10,000 on the web.

Update (4/7/04): The Movers & Shakers list is now showing the next week, so my site isn't listed anymore at the above link. Here are some screenshots from the previous list:
Click for larger image Click for larger image

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April 1, 2004

Over One Million Page Views

In the month of March, my web sites collectively exceeded one million page views for the first time. Actually, there were 1,301,222 page views, so I am well on my way to two million!

I am not posting this in order to toot my own horn. Rather, I do it to share the results of my strategies for web presence management and search engine optimization (SEO). These strategies, which combine blogging tools with quality content and solid SEO, create a virtuous cycle of traffic growth. I can help you implement similar strategies to help you boost traffic and rankings for your site. For a free assessment of your web site, click here.

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