June 23, 2004

MT Templates for Photo Site

I need something fairly simple - a Movable Type template that will let me duplicate the site I've set up with TypePad (which is completely useless because of their crappy server response time). Go to johnkantor.typepad.com for a look.

Since this is a site for photography, it needs to be image friendly - such as the ability to use thumbnails as links to photo galleries.

It would be nice, though not necessary, if there were an easy photo upload feature too (but I can do it via html).

John Kantor

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June 3, 2004

Broadening your Keyword Base

This is one of my favorite strategies for search engine optimization. For most web sites, there is a lot of untapped potential because they have too few pages, which can only target a few keywords.

Each month, people use over 40,000 different search keyphrases to find the pages on my web sites. My top keyword in this long list represents only 5% of the search engine traffic. Logically, it makes sense that I should spend 95% of my time trying to rank well for other related keywords. Some people will only focus on the "holy grail" top keywords for their industry. While this is important to do, you may find that you can generate more traffic by targeting a large number of less competitive keywords. For many sites, this alone can result in doubling or tripling the search engine traffic.

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