Well, Google is doing all sorts of things to generate revenue, doesn’t matter if it’s coming through wicked means. Today, Google is not limited to just one business; it holds variety of products and services that has indeed opened doors of revenue.

Relevancy for Google hardly matters, revenue comes first. So why not mix paid results with organic results. Cloak top results with sites that are Google’s allies or long term partners. We have seen Adsense themed sites cloaking the top ranking with no objective to stay in the rankings for long time but Google is hardly concerned about these sites holding top slots because Google gets money when some one clicks on those Adsense ads. It would be better to say that Google can’t disturb its Adsense allies.

Also, the spam results at the top on major keywords are definitely boosting the Adwords popularity among advertisers because they have to survive and compete in the business. What will you do if you are not getting position in SERPs despite sincere and ethical means? You have no other option but to resort to Adwords.

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Movable Type is powerful content management and blogging software application.

Movable Type (MT) is designed to enable extensive customization and extensions of the application. Creative use of the customization tools available have lead to many innovative uses of the software.

An example is the MT Forum View that I developed. This customization makes MT look and act like a discussion forum. A working example can be seen in the forum on this site. An good example of an active forum powered by MT is my Seinfeld Blog Forum, in which almost 300 forum topics have been started by visitors to the web site. Seinfeld Blog is also a good example of using MT to power both the site and the forum, enabling a truly integrated interactive web site. Almost everything on the web site has a related discussion in the forum. This approach invites visitors to comment and discuss anything and everything about the site.

Two of my other web sites use Movable Type to power a visitor-driven database, with integrated discussions. Smells Like Sour and the Blog Spam Database accept submissions from visitors as additions to the database. Visitors can then discuss each submission in the forum.

Due to the highly-flexible nature of Movable Type, there are countless other creative applications of the software. I am very interesting in learning what your needs and ideas are - perhaps I can develop a customized MT application to enhance your web presence.

For a free assessment, click here.

There are many sites on the Internet that sell web site templates. Web templates can be a cost-effective way to start a web site if you are not a web designer. Many of the web templates out there are not very well optimized for search engine optimization, however. Hiring an SEO consultant to optimize a web template would cost much more that the web template itself.

It is for these reasons that I have started a site dedicated to providing SEO Web Site Templates. I have only posted 3 templates so far, but more will follow soon. The templates, which are very similar to each other, have been specified and designed with the primary objective of being optimized for SEO. Based current SEO best practices, the layout and HTML structure are optimal for search engine rankings. Of course, you still have to fill them with good content and build links to your site -- but with a solid SEO-optimized web site template, you can be off to a great start. For more information, click here

By the way, if you like the idea but you don't find a template that meets your needs, let me know. I am open to suggestions as to general and specific "themes" for future templates.

I have started writing an eBook about blogging and SEO. "Start a Blog, Quit Your Job" is still in BETA, and I will be posted small sections of it as I complete them. In the first part of the book, I share my story about how starting a blog set me on a path towards starting a successful web business, eventually quitting my job. It is just one example of what can be accomplished when the power of SEO and blogs are combined. The second part of the book will be a step by step guide for applying the techniques and strategies that I have used, that anyone can follow to boost web traffic and rankings, and parlay that into a money-making business.

While in BETA, the eBook will be freely available in web format. Please help me out and tell me what you think. Any feedback (including pointing out typos and errors) is greatly appreciated. The BETA, work-in-progress, version of the book can be found at: Start a Blog, Quit Your Job.

I am offering a free assessment of any web site or business. The assessment will include a high-level analysis of the business, industry, competition, and customers. I take a close look at the places that your web site visitors and prospective customers might come from, and what your competitors are doing with their web presence. For search engine optimization, I conduct an analysis of the key phrases that may be relevant to your business or site, and assess the competitiveness of the search results for those phrases. The assessment will include an estimated page ranking (or range) after site optimization. The assessment will also include some high-level proposals in areas where my services can improve your web presence management.

The assessment is free, with no obligation to purchase any services. For a free assessment, please fill out the form below.

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I recently donated some services to a unique Tsunami Relief Project. The project, spearheaded by Larry Benet, provides a unique approach that gives back to those who make donations. Dozens of business leaders, authors, and celebrities have each agreed to donate one hour of their time to the project. When people donate to the Tsunami Relief Project, they get access to teleseminars, 'webinars', and other vaulable expetise and content, that is only available to donors. Ken Blanchard, Mark Victor Hansen, and Jay Abraham are among those who have donated an hour of their time in support of the Tsunami Relief Project. For more information, please the project's web site by clicking here.

I think this great way bring people together to contribute a worthy cost in a way that provides some extra value to donors, as a way of saying thank you for their donations.

Spread the word! If you have blog or web site, please take 5 minutes to post a short message about the Tsunami Relief Project. Together we can all make a major difference in the lives of many affected by this disaster.


We have a site which pulls data from an Oracle Database into a web interface.
We complained to our web designer that the URLs have no links.

He says it's because it comes from a database.

Please advise us on this b'cos most of the world's portals and big sites keep their content in databases, including ORACLE databases.

And yet when you look at any CNN, Microsoft or Google News page, the link IS a hyperlink.

Please advise us so we can help the designer realise he's wrong!



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