Hello.....When i try to go onto Google.com,it will not let me,well the page opens and it says 404 Error Page Not Found along with a bunch of other stuff that says somthing about a Qhosts virus.....i got the removal tool for it but,it said I do not have the virus on my computer....I do not know what to do anymore....Google was very usful but I cannot use it......Somebody please help me out ......Thanks

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Search Engine Optimization is a collection of techniques and strategies for achieving high rankings on search engines like Google.

I developed some effective strategies for ranking well on search engines. By implementing these strategies, I received over 50,000 visitors from Google in November, 2003. Here are some example of search terms that my pages rank well for:

social marketplace (#1)
seinfeld (#1)
google ranking (#2)
blog spam (#2)
curb your enthusiasm (#5)
blog donations (#1)
blog design (#3)
movable type customization (#1)
mars rover (#5)

The first step that I take is to analyze the main key words and phrases of a particular web site, and the level competition in the search results. This step is very important. Some phrased are easy to rank high for, and others are very difficult. For the the difficult, competitive search terms, it take a long time, and a lot of money, to rank in the top 10. One of my strategies is to rank high for a large number of less competitive terms. You would be amazed at the amount of search engine traffic can be generated quickly using this approach.

Click here for more information about a free assessment for the optimization of your site(s).

I just want to let folks who are thinking of using Mark for SEO that I have been extremely impressed with his work. He helped me move my ranking for a few keywords from almost unknown to the top 25 on google and the top 5 on Yahoo!! Well worth my investment.

Thanks Mark!
Waldo (www.waldospeaks.com)

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For the past several years, I have maintained a Seinfeld web site under the alias "Stan The Caddy". It does well on the search engines - in fact, the past few days it has been #1 on Google for 'seinfeld', but usually the official site beats me out. For the search term seinfeld dvd, however I have been number one for at least a year - until today. Finally, 2 weeks ago, the first of the Seinfeld DVDs were made available for pre-order. So a lot of people (including myself) linked to the order pages on Amazon.com. Today, the Amazon.com pages outrank mine.

As often is the case, large commercial ecommerce sites outrank the little guy. But Stan has worked hard for that #1 ranking, and he is going to stand up to the 900 pound gorilla that is Amazon.com. And he intends on winning.

If you want to help Stan in this quest, please link to http://www.stanthecaddy.com/seinfeld-dvd/ with the link text 'Seinfeld DVD'. Thanks in advance for your help. ;)

I recently came across a very useful tool for SEO. Primarily, NicheBot (http://www.nichebot.com) is a keyword identification tool that uses the WordTracker system on the back end. It's very simple: you enter a search phrase and it will display some information about the volume of searches for that phrase and for a number of other phrases. If you search for a two word phrase, NicheBot will also display 3 and 4 word phrases that contain those words. And by clicking on each of those phrases, you can drill down even further. This can be a great (and quick) way to research keywords for both pay-per-click and SEO.

NicheBot also has a Google rank checker tool that is just as quick and easy to use. Just enter a list of keyword phrases, enter the domain you want to check, choose the number of search results to check, and you are done. And you can even bookmark the results for future checking.

Finally, the NicheBot toolbar makes it easy to do both of the above from any web page, and includes the ability to highlight a phrase on any web page, then right-click to use NicheBot to do some immediate keyword research on that phrase.

I use other tools for large scale keyword research and rank checking, I have been using NicheBot the past few weeks for doing quick rank checking and premilinary keyword research, and it works great.

I need something fairly simple - a Movable Type template that will let me duplicate the site I've set up with TypePad (which is completely useless because of their crappy server response time). Go to johnkantor.typepad.com for a look.

Since this is a site for photography, it needs to be image friendly - such as the ability to use thumbnails as links to photo galleries.

It would be nice, though not necessary, if there were an easy photo upload feature too (but I can do it via html).

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This is one of my favorite strategies for search engine optimization. For most web sites, there is a lot of untapped potential because they have too few pages, which can only target a few keywords.

Each month, people use over 40,000 different search keyphrases to find the pages on my web sites. My top keyword in this long list represents only 5% of the search engine traffic. Logically, it makes sense that I should spend 95% of my time trying to rank well for other related keywords. Some people will only focus on the "holy grail" top keywords for their industry. While this is important to do, you may find that you can generate more traffic by targeting a large number of less competitive keywords. For many sites, this alone can result in doubling or tripling the search engine traffic.

The folks at www.miislita.com/searchito/business-scene.html are posting this news. It suggests that Google results can be deceived by discussion forums, not just blogs.

05-24-GATEWAY - A Google Bomb for Gateway? Mi Islita.com has discovered that a search for "bad computer company" (without the double quotes) in Google returns a forum discussing that Gateway is a bad computer company (positions 1 and 2 out of 5,870,000 results). A search for "bad computer" (without the double quotes) returns the forum as #5 out 9,650,000. Interesting.

I recently came across a tool that displays Amazon product links that are targeted at the content of the page - much the same way that Google AdSense targets ads.

The tool, which is offered by Alexa, works by adding some javacript to your page like this:

<script src="http://quicklinks.alexa.com/ifreq_server?return_js=1&store=books&tag=dvdplayers

Here it is in action (as I write this I am not sure what books will be recommended):

I have started a test with these ads on several of my sites. I wonder how good the targeting will be. Compared to AdSense, the range of products that can be displayed is much narrower, especially since you have to specify only one amazon store (books, dvds, electronics, etc.). By the way, that's number one feature request for Amazon associate links: ads boxes that span more than one store. This would be especially useful for Amazon Web Services (AWS) - enabling you to display a book, a dvd, and a dvd player in the same ad box. I am interested in feedback on how good the targeting is -- please reply in the discussion for this entry with your comments.

You can pass the following arguments with the script:

store - books, dvd, electronics, etc.
url - the URL of the page to target
tag - your Amazon associates id
ad_geometry - a code associated with the size and dimensions of the ad box

There is also an XML output option, which returns a series of keywords and a single key phrase based on the target URL. The idea is that you can then use the key phrase to display links using AWS. The XML method take the following form:


The tag n_terms enables you to limit the maximum number of terms that are returned. This actually affects the target phrase as well, so it would be interesting to test the optimal number of terms to achieve the best targeting.

To see what books would be recommended on your site, use the form below:

Ad Geometry: