In the month of March, my web sites collectively exceeded one million page views for the first time. Actually, there were 1,301,222 page views, so I am well on my way to two million!

I am not posting this in order to toot my own horn. Rather, I do it to share the results of my strategies for web presence management and search engine optimization (SEO). These strategies, which combine blogging tools with quality content and solid SEO, create a virtuous cycle of traffic growth. I can help you implement similar strategies to help you boost traffic and rankings for your site. For a free assessment of your web site, click here.

Yesterday I posted my first Movable Type plugin, MTDynamic, on my new site, MT Hacks.

The plugin enables dynamic rendering of Movable Type blogs by using parameters in the URL. This can be used to display an entire MT site (pr just selected pages) dynamically, which opens up some interesting applications. One is the filtering of content by blog author, catgeory, and other criteria.

For more information about MTDynamic, click here.

Try this search on google: "gay adoption statistics". Look closely at the results. You will find dozens of hits on porn sites and "spam" sites.

Now take a look at the pages that Google cached for these sites. You will see innocent-looking pages. Someone is spoofing google.

Take a look at the first site, Now put "" into google and use the "contains the term" option to see what you get: thousands of cross-linked pages.

Try "bosh dishwasher" get to a spam site via these guys.

Try "teen smoking statistics"...

What a mess.

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