Management Accessibility means ensuring that the management of your company is accessible via your web presence. Too many companies try to shield management from customers with PR departments and other non-communication methods. Some companies may provide a short bio of the company executives, but they provide no way to contact them. Customers want to be able to communicate with the principals of the companies that they do business with. Companies that embrace communication with customers are more successful in maintaining loyal customers and better reputations. Having management participate in discussion forums, chat events, and customer conference calls are just a few ways that companies can make their management more accessible.

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What is Reputation Management and how does it relate to web presence management?

In life and in business, reputation is everything. So it goes on the web as well. Your web site is one of representations of your reputation. You are your web site. When disgruntled customers complain about your company in discussion forums, and chat rooms around the web, that is another representation of your reputation. You are what people are saying about you.

In the years ahead, reputation will become even more important on the web. To be successful, you will need to manage your reputation on and off your web site. Software systems are services are emerging that measure and record reputation in quantitative and qualitative ways. I can help your company develop a reputation mangement strategy.

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Blog Optimization is search engine optimization for blogs.

I have a number of successful strategies for optimizing blogs for high search engine ranking.

I can also help you use blogs on your company web site to improve rankings and increase search engine traffic. Company blogs can be a great way to boost your search engine traffic and rankings.

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What is Blog Design? Blog Design is web design for blogs (weblogs).

The primary difference between Web Design and Blog Design is Blog Design almost always includes customizing templates. Blogs typcially include a home page, with entries listed in reverse chronological order, and archive pages for categories, dates, and individual entries.

Many blogs use the "default" templates that come with blogging software or services. The default templates are quite straight forward and functional - but the result is that a lot of blog sites end up looking very similar. I can help give your blog a unique design.

If you want to add one or more blogs to your company web site, I can customize the blog design to match your company web page design - so you have a seamless and consitent look to your site and blogs.

I have experience with blog templates from Blogger and Movable Type. I specialize in Movable Type blog design, due to the enahanced features and flexibility of the application. I also offer Movable Type Customization, which moves beyond blog design.

My name is Mark Carey. I started Mark Carey Consulting Inc. very recently (December 2003) to provide consulting services for web presence management. Many company web sites are nothing more than online versions of brochures and press releases. The reality is that many people find company web sites boring and not very informative. I want to help companies create a web presence that engages customers and fosters communication. The book "The Cluetrain Manifesto" is one of my inspirations for starting this company.

About Me

I grew up just outside Toronto, Canada. I graduated from the Richard Ivey School of Business in London, Ontario. Since then I have worked in the areas of financial analysis, business case analysis, strategic planning, and product management in the telecommunications and software industries.

I have been creating web sites for about four years. Some of my web sites have been (and continue to be) just for fun and others are "for-profit". Recently I have learned a lot about blogging and search engine optimization. The knowledge that I have gained in these areas has been very helpful in developing strategies for web presence management. Lately my web site traffic has been doubling every two months, with over 400,000 page views in November, 2003. In my consulting practice, I would like to share what I have learned to help other develop and grow their own web presences.

Below is a list of my other web sites. Most of them are powered by Movable Type, a powerful content management and blogging software application:

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I provide a range of services as part of a comprehensive web presence management approach. I can also provide each service individually, to complement your existing web presence strategies.

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Mark Carey Consulting Inc., and this web site, have just been launched. I have started this company to help other companies and individuals manage their web presence.

I believe in a comprehensive approach to web presence management, combining simple web design, search engine optimization, interaction with customers, and reputation management. Web presence is more than a web site. Web presence includes the ways that people find your site, the things people are saying about you in forums and chatrooms, and the opinions and actions of customers and prospects regarding your web presence. I believe that this comprehensive approach to web presence management leads to increased sales, word-of-mouth advertising, and loyal customers.

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I believe that web design should be kept simple, communicating clearly with customers and other web site visitors. Visitors should be able to easily navigate the web site in order to find what they are looking for. For smaller web sites, everything should be no more than a few clicks away from the home page.

I also believe that web sites become much more useful when they are interactive. Interactive web sites engage the site visitor to contribution information, questions, or comments. An integrated discussion forum can be an effective way to make a web page a true communications tool.

While I believe that easy-of-use is the most important factor in web design, I also consider search engine rankings when creating the structural elements of a web site. I design web sites that are both user- and search engine-friendly.