February 2006:

February 18, 2006

Swimming in February

The weather was fantastic today, warm and sunny. In the late afternoon, we spent some time at the beach. I even went swimming, but the water was a tad cold.

February 13, 2006

The Story (presented by the Bermuda Musical and Drama Society)

Tonight we went to see a play put on by the Bermuda Musical and Drama Society. The play was called "The Story", and it was very well done. The play is based on a true story about a journalist who wrote a story that wasn't true. I found it very interesting the way that two scenes (two different conversations) were happening simultaneously on the stage. Although some thought the ending so a little abrupt, I thought it was perfect, and quite clever.

February 11, 2006

St Petersburg Ballet

Today we went to see a Ballet as part of the annual Bermuda Festival. It was the second Ballet that I have been to, but the first traditional one. The dancers, of course, were incredibly flexible, giving me new inspiration to one day touch my toes.

Pad Thai at L'Oriental

Before going to the ballet, we went for dinner at L'Oriental.

I have this sick obession in that I must try the Pad Thai at least once, at every restaurant that I go that serves it. The L'Oriental Pad Thai was good, though not one of my favourites. I am not really sure why. The preparation and presentation was fair typical for Pad Thai (compared to those I have tried), but the taste wasn't quite the same. I think maybe it was the sauce. Don't get me wrong: I did enjoy it, but it just wasn't that memorable. Better than the Chopticks Pad Thai though....