March 2006:

March 21, 2006

The Death of Mr Lazarescu - Bermuda Film Festival

The second film that we saw at the Bermuda Internation Film Festival was called "The Death of Mr Lazarescu". It is a Romanian film about an old man who becomes ill, and the troubles that he goes through trying to convince family, friends, neighbours, medics, and hospital staff of the seriousness of his condition. In the BIFF program is was described as a "dark comedy", although it is a little light on the comedy. There were some funny lines here and there, but the film did not have an overall comedic feel. I thought the acting perfomance of the old man was very good. He was very believable - one third of the way in you forget that he is acting, he is actually a sick and dying man. However, even the excellent acting perfomance was not enough for me to say that the film was enjoyable. It was slow and tiresome, mostly, and the fact that is was 2.5 hours long (and started at 9pm) did not help in this regard.

March 17, 2006

Opening Party - Bermuda International Film Festival

Today was the opening party of the Bermuda International Film Festival (BIFF). As a BIFF volunteer, I was working the bar at the VIP party at 4:30 and then again at the public opening party at 9pm. Michelle dropped by for a visit in her St. Paddy's day attire.

I am looking forward to watching some of the films. We are going to see 6 movies.

March 2, 2006

1.5 Bedroom Apartment for Rent

1.5 bedroom apartment for rent, April 1st, 2006. The den has a sliding door that closes, which can be used as a second bedroom. The apartment is suitable for a single person, a couple, or two roomates sharing.


  • located in Warwick (off South Road)
  • 2 minute walk to the beach
  • 2 minute walk to the bus stop
  • large living room / dining room
  • partial ocean view
  • ground floor with outdoor patio (space for patio table, plants, etc.)
  • very large storage locker, separate from unit
  • ensuite washer / dryer
  • lots of closet space
  • South exposure, very sunny
  • water included
  • assessment number and parking (you can have a car)
  • located at the end of a quiet lane (no through traffic)
  • exterior, roof and interior recently painted

$2,500 per month, on a 5 month lease with option to stay longer if desired.

See photos below and email for more information or to view.


(Click on photos to view larger version)

Sunrise from our Apartment CIMG0001_1 Our Place CIMG0001 Our dining Room End of our Lane