September 2006:

September 13, 2006

Hurricane Florence Aftermath

Overall, Hurricane Florence was not as severe as expected. Winds were strong, but there was no major damage reported. Our power was out for over 24 hours, but we are back in business now. We went for a walk on Monday afternoon and took a few photos of the aftermath:

Broken Tree Fallen Tree Florence Debris Florence Car Crash Florence Puddle A Stone's Throw Erosion? Winds and Waves Continue Fallen Tree Seaweed on the Road Beach Erosion

September 12, 2006

Flo has Gone

Our power went out at 9 AM yesterday and is still out. I am writing this entry from and Internet cafe. Most of the Island has power now, but we don't. Hopefully soon.

We went for a walk yesterday, and saw lots of debris, some downed trees, and some places where the waves have come up over the roads. Photos to follow (when we get power again).

September 11, 2006

Gusty Winds of Hurricane Florence

Here is another video, winds are gusty and getting stronger.

8:46 AM:

9:07 AM:

Power Outage

6:53 AM - The power just went out. My laptop and DSL modem are now working off my UPS battery backup, which will only last an hour. Daylight is slowly coming, but I have a feeling it won't get that bright. Sometimes I hear loud sounds that sound like an airplane -- but it definitely can't be an airplane...

Here is another video, with some daylight now:

Howling Winds

6:10 AM -- The howling winds make it impossible to sleep, at times shaking the house. We still have power, though it just went out for a brief moment. The winds seems to be really blowing trees and bushes, no sign of any damage, from here. But it is still dark, the sun will be rising soon.

Here is a video that does'nt show much (because) its dark, but helps give a sense of the wind:

September 10, 2006

Windy and Rainy before Florence

It is 11:20 PM and we are going to bed soon. Its very windy and rainy outside, along with lightening and thunder. It's hard to believe the winds will get stronger. Hurricance Florence is due to arrive at 10 AM as a Category 2 hurricane, with winds speed of more than 150 km per hour. THe pwoer may be out when we wake up, time will tell....

More Wind and Waves from Hurricane Florence

We went for a bit of a ride from 12-2 to check the wind and waves being caused by Hurricane Florence. Here are some photos from John Smiths Bay:

Florence Waves at John Smiths Bay Hurricane Florence Waves

And a video:

After we were finished at John Smiths, the bike wouldn't start. While the situation was different this time, it reminded my of my advenure in a bermuda thunderstorm. Finally we walked to the

Here are some photos from Grape Bay:

Grape Bay Waves Florence Waves at Grape Bay

And a video:

Here are some photo from Flatts, near our house. If you look closly in one of the photos, you will see out apartment up on the hill, all boarded up with plywood.

Hurricane Florence Waves

Yesterday we went to Horseshoe Bay beach, for two reasons. First, to check out the volleyball tournament. And second -- okay, actually this is first -- to swim in the waves being generated by incoming Hurricane Florence (it was still a troical storm at the time, but has now been upgraded to a Cat 1). Upon arriving at the beach, we were greeted with this sign:


Still, I had to go in. There was a handful (maybe 20) people swimming in the waves, which were quite large at times. It was quite fun. Some of the waves were just massive, and you had to submerge and let those go over you, lest you be smashed into the sand below.

You could fee the rip current most of the time. Rip currents don't pull you under, but rather pull you out to sea. At first the rip current was pulling sideways, but later I got caught in a stronger one that was pulling out. It did not pull me very far, but suddenly when I cam down from a wave, I couldn't touch the bottom. Knowing that I must be very close to standing depth, I tried to swim back a few feet. But the current wasn't cooperating. It took close to ten minutes to swim those few feet, and only by the help of a few larger waves did I finally make back to standing depth. Here are a few photos:

IMG_4202 IMG_4191 IMG_4195

And a video:

September 9, 2006

Hurricane Florence on its way

Although it is currently a tropical storm, it will soon become Hurricane Florence. She seems to be aimed right at Bermuda, but that could change. The lastest forecast predicts Hurricane Florence to be a Category 2 storm when it reaches the island, sometime on Monday morning.

Of course, everyone is making the usual preparations, which most seems to be shopping, for batteries and generators, and candles, and buckets, and water. Every store you go into seems like a mad rush of people. Even last summer it was like this for a few storms, but those forecasts were not so direct as this one.

The weather today (Saturday) is supposed to be the clam before the storm, with wnds really starting to pick up tomorrow. Then Hurricane Florence will arrive Monday morning, unless things change.

Current Forecast Track:
Hurricane Florence Forecast