January 2007:

January 26, 2007

Windy Day

Bermuda is expecting hurricane force winds today. Here are a few videos:

January 14, 2007

Coco Reef Lunch

Today we had lunch a Coco Reef. After passing the "open daily for lunch" sign hundreds of times, today we decided to give it a try. Next to Elbow Beach on the South Shore, the restaurant at Coco Reef Resort has a great view of the ocean. There is an indoor dining area with large south-facing windows. We at outside on the large terrace. The lunch menu was short but innovative. The dishes seemed to have slight twists here and there. Michelle decided to go with the Lobster Club Sandwich, with lobster salad, bacon, lettuce tomatoes, and grilled pineapple on a panini bun - served with fries. I went for the "Tuna Taco": medium rare tuna with lettuce and salsa on a soft tortilla, served with a tasty salad of mixed greens. Both were very good, and serving sizes were adequate. I think we will have to return to try their version of Bermuda Fish Chowder. Here are some photos of the food and the view:

Lobster Club Lobster Club Tuna Taco Salad Beer View from Coco Reef