April 2007:

April 11, 2007

Two More Videos

On Warwick Long Bay Beach:

At Greg's Steakhouse:

Bermuda Photos from Mom's Visit

Here are some of the photos from Mom's visit to Bermuda. Click on each for a larger version. Or click here to view a slideshow.


April 8, 2007

Bermuda Reunions - 35 Years Later

This week my mother has been visiting us here in Bermuda. My mother and father actually met in Bermuda, about 35 years ago. They were both working at the Inverurie Hotel (now known as The Wharf). After spending a few years in Bermuda, they moved to Toronto, were married, and soon thereafter, I was born.

And many years later, it just so happens that Michelle and I decided to move to Bermuda ourselves. We have been here for 1.5 years. My mother came this week for a visit, her first time back to Bermuda in 35 years.

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