July 2007:

July 1, 2007

A Quiet Sunday

It has been a while since Mark has updated this blog, so I am going to give it a try. My goal is to post at least one entry per week. I am also going to go back and add some entries for the past several months. Obviously, it will not be possible to fill in all the gaps, but perhaps our photos will help remind me of the most memorable events.

So, I will start with today:

After three beach parties in 24 hours, today was a quiet day. Not much happened, unless of course you count a minor ant invasion and a major clean-up that followed. A few hours later and after a short nap, Mark made a nice tabouli salad for a late lunch and we went for a swim at John Smith's Bay.

It was late in the afternoon that we arrived there, but, really, it was fine since we got too a little too much sun yesterday at the Canada Day Party on Chaplin Bay beach (more about that later- hopefully!) The sea temperature has increased significantly in the last week or so, so the beach was a lot busier with people, even late in the day.

I read my book and Mark took yet another nap, while being serenaded by a ghetto blaster a short distance away.