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Bermuda Kite Flying on Good Friday

There is a tradition in Bermuda to fly a kite on Good Friday. We saw kites flying all over the island, but nowhere more than at Horseshoe Bay Beach, where thousands of people converged to fly kites and take part in the festivities. We were no exception, we brought our cameras and Polly the Parrot. Polly is Macaw Parrot, who also happens to be a store-bought kite that flaps its wings (really). Polly flew quite well, getting up quite high in sky.

We also watched the judgung for the Bermuda kite contest. There were several different categories, including smallest kite, largest kite, age groups, and "visitor". The contest featured many different home-made kites. Some of these featured colourful and intricate designs made out of hundreds of individual pieces of tissue paper. Bermuda kite flying on Good Friday and Easter weekend is serious business. I didn't see any of the kites from the competition flying, but after all the hours of effort that went into making these kites, I wouldn't blame them for not risking their destruction in the (crowded) skies of Horseshoe Bay.

Largest Kite Runner UpLargest Kite WinnerMichelle and PollyMe flying Polly the ParrotPolly the Parrot (Kite)Kites Galore


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When I was living in Bermuda in the 80's my sister won a mars bar for having the smallest kite at St. Davids elementary school.
She made it out of tissue paper and match sticks. I made a kite too - but it was a regular sized kite.

Lisa Annuska van der Pol

martin Nelson:

I am the middle son of three boys who together with our mother spent WW2 in Bermuda, arriving in 1940 on a convoy out of Liverpool . I remember the kite flying on Good friday. we lived in Paget and later in Westmeath cottage , going to Saltus Grammar school. We made our kites from bamboo sticks They had long tales of material and we flew them from a high hill whose name I cant recall. We returned to the UK in 1945 after a memorable childhood
We are now 78,76and 74 years of age

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