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Frostbite 420 Sailing

Today I joined Richard sailing 420s in the "Frostbite Series" sailing, so-named due to the coldness of the air and water. (No, it really wasn't that cold, cold water in Bermuda is defined as anything less than 80 degrees F).

It was windy and gusty, which made it quite fun. Taking the helm on our way out to the course, I made the mistake of cleating in the main sail. Then a gust hit. Uncleating the main was not as easy. Several attempts failed, during which the boat slowly keeled over and capsized. Suffice it to say that Richard helmed from that point forward, although we did capsize once more during a race, and endured a hard collision, causing another boat to capsize (it was their fault, not ours, of course).

All in all it was quite a full day.

Frostbite Series 420 Sailing


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