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Rustico Restaurant

Tonight we locked ourselves out of the house! Well, more specifically, I locked us out of the house. We went for a run -- and I didn't forget my key -- we returned from our run, I unlocked the deadbolt, only to discover that the lock in the door handle was also locked. To make things worse, our landlord and landlady were not home, and the sun had just set, and it was getting quite cold in our running outfits. Luckily, our neighbour Joel, of Gombey Hot Pepper Jam fame, was home and lent us some sweaters and a little cash. He also left a message taped to our landlord's door, informing them of our situation.

We did not know how long it would take until our landlord and landlady would return, so we walked down to Rustico Restaurant, an Italian restaurant in Flatts Village. We had previously heard good things about Rustico, from more than one person. In our running outfits and newly acquired sweaters, we didn't exactly meet the "smart casual" dress code, but the kind gentleman at the door let us in anyway. We each had some Bermuda fish chowder and shared a pizza with anchovies and vegetables. The fish chowder was pretty good, warming us up after being out in the cold night. Of course, it was served with sherry pepper sauce and black rum, both of which contributed to the aforementioned warming up. The pizza was a very thin crust pizza, and quite tastey. I think it was the first pizza that I have ever eaten with anchovies -- and it was good. I don't really understand how or when anchovies got such a bad name as pizza topping, but I suggest you give it a try and judge for yourself.

After some tea and espresso, we left the restaurant and walked back home, prepared for several hours of star-gazing, if necessary. But our landlord and landlady had returned, and we were able to get into our place.


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I found your blog when looking for info on Bermuda. We will be staying in St George's in September for our honeymoon.
So it was nice to see your reviews of some area restaurants. Now I have an idea of a few to try.


Hey Mark and Michelle,
Thanks for the props. We are just starting to see Gombey Hot Pepper Jam creep up on a variety of webpages. The more the merrier!

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