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Blog Design Service

What is Blog Design? Blog Design is web design for blogs (weblogs).

The primary difference between Web Design and Blog Design is Blog Design almost always includes customizing templates. Blogs typcially include a home page, with entries listed in reverse chronological order, and archive pages for categories, dates, and individual entries.

Many blogs use the "default" templates that come with blogging software or services. The default templates are quite straight forward and functional - but the result is that a lot of blog sites end up looking very similar. I can help give your blog a unique design.

If you want to add one or more blogs to your company web site, I can customize the blog design to match your company web page design - so you have a seamless and consitent look to your site and blogs.

I have experience with blog templates from Blogger and Movable Type. I specialize in Movable Type blog design, due to the enahanced features and flexibility of the application. I also offer Movable Type Customization, which moves beyond blog design.


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I think you should put links to your blogs in this text so people can see your work.



I think you should put links to your blogs in this text so people can see your work.


What server-side technology does a blog utilize? I would like to design one from scratch. I mean I want to develop and design one from scratch...front end and back end. Is it jsp or net? What up with Blogs, they rule, but noone uses them to their potential.



There are many different blogging applications, each uses different technology. My blogs are powered by Movable Type, a Perl-based application that primarily builds static pages from a database on the server-side.

Where can I find out more about building forums like this with Movable Type? I was thinking about starting a forum based site, and don't know that Movable Type is the right thing to use.

I have an existing MT blog, and I want to change the template. I am looking for some help understanding how to create a MT template.

The new template already designed in PS (graphics). However, I cannot understand how the HTML and CSS code works with the MT templates. Is this something you can help me with ?

We have Moveable type but if you want to put a blog on a Yahoo Store site you will have to use something else. We have had very good success with Wordpress and have done some customization to the templates.

Feel free to check it out at our piggybankshop.com/articles page.

Can you please show us a couple of your best blog designs?





I think about your proposition.I willask my boss.I'm interested in that. :D

I've just started using Moveable Type and I was able to set up a more customized site with a look and feel that suited my blog's topic--babies--using MT's StyleCatcher plug-in (see MT's Styles and Templates page).
baby blog has a cute nursery-type vertical striped border in "baby colors," its own rubber ducky, and a cool palette for those sleep-deprived parental eyes. Pretty cool for something that's almost out of the box.

I also find MT's backend to be very user-friendly, which is greatly appreciated by this non-techie. I have to wonder why the fellow a few posts up would ever want to code his own blog from the ground up. Seems like starting with something like MT and getting Mark to customize it or doing it yourself would be the most effective way of getting started.

I agree with Mark,

I just started blogging not long ago.. and I agree it isn't hard to come across another blog that looks very much in respect to layout and general appearance.
It's always better to go beyond competition oppose to blending in with them.


I'd love to see some of your blog designs... I use WordPress myself, and have designed a custom theme at http://articles.sagemedia.ca

I don't really offer it as a service, but it's a great niche field for you to get into.

Mark i applaud the effort,Agree the best possible way to findout blogs and archive pages.
Individual entires is related to archive pages categories , in the other hand blogs include a homepage,with offcourse reverse entries.



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I would like to have your co-operation, which I believe will help us to increase the productivity of both our sites.

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