Blog Design:

December 17, 2003

Blogging Tools

Christopher Locke discusses a handful of "must-have" blogging tools in Cheap Thrills for the Beer-Budget Blogger. The tools are not blogging applications or services themselves - rather, they are utilities that Bloggers may find useful for blog design. Some of the tools seem quite interesting. I plan to try them out soon.

December 11, 2003

Blog Design Service

What is Blog Design? Blog Design is web design for blogs (weblogs).

The primary difference between Web Design and Blog Design is Blog Design almost always includes customizing templates. Blogs typcially include a home page, with entries listed in reverse chronological order, and archive pages for categories, dates, and individual entries.

Many blogs use the "default" templates that come with blogging software or services. The default templates are quite straight forward and functional - but the result is that a lot of blog sites end up looking very similar. I can help give your blog a unique design.

If you want to add one or more blogs to your company web site, I can customize the blog design to match your company web page design - so you have a seamless and consitent look to your site and blogs.

I have experience with blog templates from Blogger and Movable Type. I specialize in Movable Type blog design, due to the enahanced features and flexibility of the application. I also offer Movable Type Customization, which moves beyond blog design.

Coming soon: Books as Blogs