Today the "feels like" temperature in Toronto is 44 C / 113 F. Very hot, and everyone is complaining. After living in Bermuda for 7 years, the past few days have been my first taste of Toronto Heat, which can be described as "hot and humid". Bermuda is also hot and humid, but its a different heat (hard to describe the difference, but it is very different). Compared to a typical Bermuda day, the humidity of 62% in Toronto is quite low, fairly dry. Humidity in Bermuda is normally between 70-90%, anything less is cause for celebration.

But today's Toronto heat, a wall that hits you in face when you step outside, reminded me of my longtime policy:

The Hotter the Better

Most everyone disagrees with this, but I think there is just something about that thick heat that presents a challenge -- either you fight it, or you embrace it and take it in. I think the latter is the only way to deal with it. If you embrace the heat and just to decide to let it soak in (and soak you), it becomes extremely energizing.

Or, maybe its just me.