Blogging for business is growing trend. There are many benefits of managers and employees keeping weblogs.

Both public and company-private blogs can be beneficial in there own ways.

Public business blogs (published on the Internet) show the human face of your company. You are your employees. Your employees are your web site. It common policy that only PR is allowed to speak for the company. Customers hate this, and they are tired of scripted statements and press releases that are nothing more than "fake news articles". They want to learn about your company from real people in real voices. Employee blogs, especially with integrated discussions, can be a great way show the people behind the company - and increase customer loyalty as a result. It can also be an effective way to improve search engine rankings and traffic.

Private, intra-company blogs are valuable for knowledge management. Employees record information about current projects, lessons learned, best practices, etc. This type of information usually exists only in the minds of employees. Blogs provide an engaging way to record that knowledge in a searchable repository, which can be used to improve company operations, policies, and processes.

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