Blog Lesson - Bloggers care who is Linking to their Blog

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Blog Lesson - Bloggers care who is Linking to their Blog

Since bloggers know that bloggers like themselves love to link to other blogs, there are also aware that other bloggers may be linking to their blog.

Many bloggers actively monitor which blogs may be linking to their blog

Blogger do this not out of pure vanity. Rather, it is part of the conversational nature of blogs. Bloggers want to monitor the other side of the conversation. Of course, they also like to know that others are reading their blog, and find it interesting enough to link to.

There are a number of tools that bloggers use to monitor who is linking to them. One is a service by Technorati, which displays a list of blogs linking to pages on a particular site, including the time and date when the link occurred. One of the features of this services is that is updated very quickly. New links are often tracked by the site within minutes. So Bloggers can quickly see who is linking to their blog. Another tool that is built into to some blogging applications is Trackback. Trackback is a system in which one blogging application will automatically notify the other blog's system that a link has been made (if the target blog supports Trackback). Optionally the blog receiving the Trackback can automatically publish a link back to entry in question -- a way of automatcially linking the two pieces of the inter-blog conversation.


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