I recently donated some services to a unique Tsunami Relief Project. The project, spearheaded by Larry Benet, provides a unique approach that gives back to those who make donations. Dozens of business leaders, authors, and celebrities have each agreed to donate one hour of their time to the project. When people donate to the Tsunami Relief Project, they get access to teleseminars, 'webinars', and other vaulable expetise and content, that is only available to donors. Ken Blanchard, Mark Victor Hansen, and Jay Abraham are among those who have donated an hour of their time in support of the Tsunami Relief Project. For more information, please the project's web site by clicking here.

I think this great way bring people together to contribute a worthy cost in a way that provides some extra value to donors, as a way of saying thank you for their donations.

Spread the word! If you have blog or web site, please take 5 minutes to post a short message about the Tsunami Relief Project. Together we can all make a major difference in the lives of many affected by this disaster.

I believe that all profitable companies should donate a portion of profits to charity. If all companies, large and small, did so it would make an enormous difference in the world.

As I have been earning some money from my various web sites, I decided recently to give back by sponsoring a child. Hama is a 9 year-old boy from Niger, West Africa.

Now that I have started Mark Carey Consulting Inc., I plan to donate 10% of profits to charitable causes. I am interested in any and all feedback about what those causes should be. Please post your thoughts in the discussion for this page.