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Content Targeted Amazon Ads

I recently came across a tool that displays Amazon product links that are targeted at the content of the page - much the same way that Google AdSense targets ads.

The tool, which is offered by Alexa, works by adding some javacript to your page like this:

<script src="http://quicklinks.alexa.com/ifreq_server?return_js=1&store=books&tag=dvdplayers

Here it is in action (as I write this I am not sure what books will be recommended):

I have started a test with these ads on several of my sites. I wonder how good the targeting will be. Compared to AdSense, the range of products that can be displayed is much narrower, especially since you have to specify only one amazon store (books, dvds, electronics, etc.). By the way, that's number one feature request for Amazon associate links: ads boxes that span more than one store. This would be especially useful for Amazon Web Services (AWS) - enabling you to display a book, a dvd, and a dvd player in the same ad box. I am interested in feedback on how good the targeting is -- please reply in the discussion for this entry with your comments.

You can pass the following arguments with the script:

store - books, dvd, electronics, etc.
url - the URL of the page to target
tag - your Amazon associates id
ad_geometry - a code associated with the size and dimensions of the ad box

There is also an XML output option, which returns a series of keywords and a single key phrase based on the target URL. The idea is that you can then use the key phrase to display links using AWS. The XML method take the following form:


The tag n_terms enables you to limit the maximum number of terms that are returned. This actually affects the target phrase as well, so it would be interesting to test the optimal number of terms to achieve the best targeting.

To see what books would be recommended on your site, use the form below:

Ad Geometry:



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Comments (7)

Mark, great job with making it to simple for us non-techies. I was struggling to find out how to incorporate it into my website but in the Amazon Associates section, the explanation is missing. It works great if you have a content and keyword rich page with a narrow focus. For example, if all you talk about on a page is 'online dating' then it works great but if your page talks about relationships, dating, marriage, health, children, etc. it just produces generic links.

Hi Mark,

I am curious to know how your test is progressing. Are you still using quicklinks?

Yes, I am still using them on some areas of my sites. The targeting is "so-so" - sometimes its great, other times it is way off. Not a lot of sales via the links, but that is hard to track, as Amazon does not provide very detailed stats. Also, the CTR and sales levels may just be the norm for this type of Amazon banners -- in that case, it would still be worth it due to the fact that you can put the same ad code on every page, meaning less effort...

I tried the test and get an error on two different urls. Perhaps the target url on the form has moved?

The Alexa service can be on and off. A lot of times is just isn't working :(

looks like they took the service away completely. Dag.

I friend of mine coded something similar awhile ago. There are no limitations on catalog and he has crawler index the page to determine the content. It's very effective and I use it across all my sites.


Take a look. I use it on quite a few sites.

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