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PostPosted: November 29, 2003 10:31 AM 

After 4 subway stops, we got off at the Mir Girgas stop, in what is called Old or Coptic Cairo. (The Coptic church is a branch of Orthodox Christianity, etsablished in Egypt a long time ago). One of the main attraction here is the Hanging Church -- which is called this because it is suspended above the street. The church is very old and the detailed architecture was amazing.

We also walked through a greek cemetary and visited St.George church. Down a narrow alley, below street level, is St. Sergis, the siet of a cave where it is belived that the Holy Family (Mary, Joesph, and Jesus) stayed, while hiding in Egypt from King Herod. We couldn't go down into the crypt, as it was being restored due to damage caused by the rising water table. We also visited Ben Ezra Synagogue, which also very old.

After that we did a bit of shopping and bought two lamp covers: one with a mosaic of multi-colored glass and the other made of metal mesh that lets the light through. We then got back on the subway.

The entire morning trip cost us about $1 USD (not including the lamps). This is much better than is we had choseon to pay $60 USD for the optional "Coptic Cairo" excursion earlier in the trip.

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