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PostPosted: November 24, 2003 4:18 PM 

The Nile Cruise boat arrived in Kom Ombo at about 4:30 PM. The sun was beginning to set, but instead of leaving the boat to see Kom Ombo Temple, we went down to the longe to coffee and watch a video about Egypt. Since the video wasn't telling us anything new, we decided to head up to the top deck to watch the sun set over the Nile.

At 5:30, now dark, we left the boat for Kom Ombo Temple, which is a short walk from the dock. The temple is up on a hill and lit up at night. The temple was dedicated to Horus and Sobeck, the local crocodile god. It was built by Ptolemy to gain support of the local people in the area. The temple features a hieroglyphical depiction of the ancient Egyptian calendar -- a Nileometer, as well as a few mummified crocodiles.

We then had 30 minutes -- and by 30 minutes, I mean 15 minutes -- to shop at the vendor booths that were setup between the temple and the boat dock. We were then rushed onto the boat as we were going to leave earlier that planned. After a successful "walk-away haggle", Michelle bought a black scarf with beading.

Dinner was a choice between beef and chicken -- we had the chicken. Dessert was some sort of a dry cube in a red sweet sauce -- so-so. We then met with our guide who explained the agenda for the morning, as the cruise ends in Aswan. We arrived in Aswan before we went to bed, and the city lights suggest that it is a large city.

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