Relaxing in the Red Sea Sun

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PostPosted: November 26, 2003 9:17 AM 

Before breakfast, we picked up some towels and staked out a couple of prime deckchairs by the beach.

We had a nice buffet breakfast, sitting outside beside one of the many pools. We then went to the beach to relax, which was nice for a change, after being constantly "on the go" in recent days. We went snorkeling right off the beach, which was incredible. The coral reef was just off of the beach and there were tons of fish of many different colors. We later learned that some of these fish were called Parrot Fish, Tiger Fish, and more. We then had lunch at the buffet, with fish, rice, and pizza. After lunch, we went snorkelling again, but it was harder see, since it was 3 PM by that time. We spoke with the hotel rep about various "excursion" options. While several of the them sounded very interesting, we decided to stay at the resort to relax and enjoy the beach.

We took some photos, including some nice ones of the sunset over the bay and nearby mountains.

For dinner, the buffet was again outside near the pool, with some of the food actually being cooked outdoors. It was an "international" theme night, both for the food and for the entertainment program. Michelle had about 12 (or 14) crepes with chocolate and peanuts. I had some fish, rice, ratatouille, and beef. We had a bottle of Obelisk Rose, an Egyptian wine. We had chocolate ice cream (and more crepes) for dessert. This is the first time I have ever has dessert in the desert.

The entertainment featured a singer singing songs in english, russian, italian, french. (The resort seems to be very popular with Russians and Italians). Then some dancers performed some international dance routines. At 11 Pm the singing and dancing stopped, and we went to bed.

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