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Seymour Island

Our last day in the Galapagos Islands, we left the boat without breakfast, and landed on the small island of Seymour. Seymour featured sea lions, more blue footed boobies, and some nesting frigate birds. We were able to get a good view of several male frigate birds with the inflated red pouch, and even a few frigate bird babies. We witnessed a territorial argument between two blue footed booby couples, and saw our first land iguana in the wild (not counting the one that crossed our path when we landed at the airport).

Blue Footed FamilyMore Blue FeetBlue Foot to the SkyWatchful Sea LionMichelle and a Frigate BirdMore Blue FeetFrigate with Red PouchDancing Blue Foot StyleSky PointingLand Iguana


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Great pictures and very interesting blog !
I'm just coming back from Galapagos, where I visited Isabela, Floreana, EspaƱola, Santa Fe, Plaza Sur and Seymour Norte. So your pictures are telling me a lot... Unfortunately, I didn't see any albatros on EspaƱola since they arrive around april each year. But the remaining was just great. Greetings from Quito !


going in may to Santa Cruz...how best to arrange lodging? Day trips? once there ok? or in advance????

This is an excellent post. I visited many of the islands you mention and your pictures bring back many great memories

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