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August 16, 2006

GoogleGuy's Secret Identity Revealed

June 6, 2005

Google's Secret Lab

June 2, 2005

Google Do's and Don'ts

June 1, 2005

Google Update Bourbon Not Over Yet

March 8, 2005

Google Bans Itself for Cloaking

March 1, 2005

Remove Keywords, Increase Impressions: AdWords

June 28, 2004

Google Bans Traffic Power and its Clients

May 26, 2004

AdWords Selling PageRank Not Allowed?

AdWords Selling PageRank are Allowed

Not at SES or PubCon

May 25, 2004

GoogleGuy Goes Quiet

May 24, 2004

Problems for a new AdWords User

PageRank For Sale

May 20, 2004

What is Wrong with AdWords?

May 13, 2004

Google Banner AdWords

May 5, 2004

Instant AdWords Clicks?

Tracking AdWords Clicks

AdWords Date Range Features Global

New AdWords Gambling Policy Explained

AdWords Delay when Changing CPC

May 4, 2004

New Adwords Date Range Features

Delay for Pausing AdWords

AdWords Login Page Down

May 3, 2004

AWA hits 1000

April 30, 2004

One Adwords Ad per Advertiser

Perks for SEMs managing AdWords

AdWords Affiliate Program

AdWords Account Review Example

Gambling Adwords Error

April 29, 2004

New AdWords Ads don't trigger Review of old ones

AdWords Impressions Fluctuations

April 27, 2004

$300 AdWords Coupons

AdWords Budget based on 2% CTR

Using Deleted AdWords Keywords doe not erase History

Adwords Recommended Budget

April 26, 2004

Google AdWords Stats

Case-Sensitive Google AdWords?

Resetting AdWords Keyword History

Ad Group Blanked Out?

45 Hour AdWords Outage (Typo)

Average AdWords CTR

Ad Changes Pull Ads From AdSense

April 22, 2004

GoogleGuy Confirms that Underscores are not Word Separators

Big Google AdWords Conversion Image

AdWords Credit Card Limi Exceeded

At Risk Keywords with Good CTR

Google Reach Stats

Erasing AdWords Keyword History

Competitors bidding on Adwords

Google Reaches 80% of Internet Users?

AdWords Keyword Status Factors

April 21, 2004

AdWords Credit Card declined

April 19, 2004

GoogleGuy Says Stop

Trademarks not fair game yet

April 13, 2004

AdWords Trademark Policy

April 12, 2004

Change to Google AdWords Trademark Policy

Google Reports Non-existant Backlinks?

Real Words Better than Stemming

Directory Sites at the top of Google

One Page Sites can have High PageRank

Complete List of Google Domains

Nothing New Over the Weekend

Search Engine Competition

April 11, 2004

More Competition for Google is Awesome

Favorite Thread

Google's Priorities

New Google Changes ar Non-Commercial?

April 10, 2004

Google is not the Only Search Engine

Tree-like LInking Strutures and Sitemaps

Purpose Built Sites

Google Privacy Concerns Grow

Changing IP and Google News

April 9, 2004

Pre-Easter Orders Down

Local PageRank for Local Search?

April 8, 2004

Google's Krane Lied

The Case for not Manually Editing Search Results

April 7, 2004

Google AdWords Server Problems

Reasons for Changes in AdWords CTR

Internal and Extrnal Backlinks Carry Same Weight?

Defining Extremist Organizations

Google Won't Manually Adjust Results

AdWords Server Down

Tweaking and Testing AdWords

Strange AdWords Stats

Diminishing Returns of PageRank

Google Hidden Text Flagging

Google may use Old Version

April 6, 2004

Busting Out Laughing

Searching Google AdWords

More Sales through AdWords

No AdWords Impressions

Emailing Google AdWords

April 5, 2004

18 new languages for AdWords

Pre-qualified AdWords Clicks

AdWords Destination URL per Keyword

Backlinks can't hurt you

Google May Crawl Links on Noindex Page

AdWords Login Problem

AdWords Account on Hold

Proper Country Spelling

AdWords Premuim Placement Factors

New Languages and Currencies

Sensitive AdWords Keywords

AdWords Campaign End Date

Google Re-spiderd in a Day

URL Code in Link: Search

April 4, 2004

Google Indexed First 101K of a Document

High Google Ranking for Text-less Page

Nofollow and Google Spidering

Everyman = Kackle = Scarecrow?

Birthday Message on Gmail

April 2, 2004

AdWords Interface in Hindi

CTR for Google AdWords

AdWords Destination URL Down

GoogleGuy's Take on Gmail

Gmail is no Joke

April 1, 2004

New AdWords Pricing Model

AdWords Traffic Estimator

Root Domain for Display URL

AdWords Display vs Destination URL

AdWords Support Number

Google April Fools Jokes

Gmail April Fools Days News Coverage

Google Lunar Job

GMail from Google

Google Email April Fools Joke?

March 31, 2004

Google Email (GMail?)

'Mystery' AdWords Situations

Few People Clicked on Directory Links

Google's Mission with Gmail

AdSense Security Certificate

Google Search Results per Page

AdWords Control Panel Problem

Editing an Approved AdWords Ad

March 29, 2004

Dillo Browser

Shifting around

Canadian 1.6 times Smarter than Americans

Google Directory Demoted

Google Forgets Canada

Google Numrange Shortcuts

Google "more" Link

Google Personalized Search

Google Numrange (Number Range)

Language Suggestion for Google Personalized

New Google Features: Personalized Search, New Look, and Numrange

No personalized search for Safari or Mac IE?

Google Personalized Slider

March 28, 2004

IE-OE Issue with Related Searches

March 27, 2004

Googlers are Reading

March 26, 2004

Blipping Over

Make Money Writing Google Ads

AdWords Feedback for Meeting

March 25, 2004

Printing the Feedback

'At Risk' AdWords Keywords

Feedback on Adwords

Linking Structure for Google

Links better than Google Submit

March 23, 2004

No Google Update this Weekend

Adwords, Adsense don't Affect Rankings

March 22, 2004

Expired Domains and Google PageRank

Ides of March

Not a Google Update

March 19, 2004

Driving with Larry Page?

Yahoo! adds 'Web Rank' to Toolbar

March 18, 2004

Opting Out of Google Local Search

Good Geographical Information

Google Local Search - City vs. Zip

Dead Cat Bounce

March 17, 2004

Local Search is Still Beta

Google Launches Local Search on Google.com

Google PageRank Updates Every Day?

March 16, 2004

Drive-by Comments

PageRank and Backlinks Updated

Google Negates Multiple DMOZ Links?

PageRank Log Scale Coefficients

Google Crawls Javascript

Europeans Love Google

March 15, 2004

Google and Snail Mail

Programmer Logic

March 14, 2004

Worthless Google Links

Toggle New Google Look

March 12, 2004

Google Rebuilds Canonicalization Data every Few Months

File Extensions in Google

March 11, 2004

PR Updates once a Quarter?

New Google Canonicalization Rules

New Design for GoogleGuy Says

Get Links to get Indexed by Google

Repeat the Search...

Crawled Links Counted for PR

Keep Page Size below 101K for Google

Sergey Brin Interviews

Robots.tx, nofollow, noindex

Non-Standard Extensions and Google

March 7, 2004

Less Weight for Add Url Submissions

Near Daily Google Updates

Googlebot/Test User Agent

March 5, 2004

Google Superbots Coming?

Googlebot User-Agent Change

March 3, 2004

AdSense Stats on Different Domains

March 2, 2004

Google Alien Clarification

Google Feedback at Conference

Google Taken Over by Aliens

March 1, 2004

Google Reunites Friends

February 28, 2004

Other Search Engines

Penalty Pending

Link Stuffer = Bad Neighbourhood?

February 27, 2004

Linking to Bad Neighborhood

Offering to Help

February 26, 2004

Shorter Dynamic URLs are Better

Toolbar GoogleBot Connection a Myth?

Google sees two pages instead of one

Has Google had it's day?

404 on URL removal tool

February 23, 2004

Google Acts Against Blog Comment Spamming

February 22, 2004

Think about Google Stemming

Many Google Questions

February 21, 2004

Top Google Topics

February 20, 2004

AdWords Glossary

Spam changes pending


Newer data percolating in

Brandy should be done

February 19, 2004

Brandy ends tonight?

New look for Google

Google always changing

Brandy Update: 2-3 data centers to go

Google URL Canonicalization

February 18, 2004

Linking to Supplemental Results

Large spikes on weekeneds

Switching IPs for International Google

No Penalty for Email Spam List

Partial versus Full Google Indexing

Googlebot trends

Safe IP Switching for Google

February 17, 2004

4 Billion Pages in Google

February 16, 2004

PageRank for Dynamic and ASP Pages

February 15, 2004

Definition of SEO versus Spam

City Widgets

No Googe Boost from DMOZ

Google likes information resources

High Quality Site First

Super Spammers

Google goal: every language

Denial of Google Over Optimization Penalty

Semantics in Google Results

New signs of quality

Brandy will take a few more days

Brandy Google Data Centers

February 14, 2004

Google crawls HTTPS

February 13, 2004

Brandy Update Data Center

Keyword brandyupdate

Google problem with DMOZ?

brandyupdate feedback

Crazy Janie and the Chicken Man

Commercial versus Information sites in Google

Chnage to the site: operator

Algo versus PR Updates

Brandy Update reduces Spam

Working Late on Update Night

Google Change (instead of update)

Google Update Brandy has begun

Naysayers will come (if you update)

Austin Feedback

February 12, 2004

Google getting fresher

codeOutsideHTMLIsLocked tag

CSS Based Menu and Google

Googlebot can't see server side includes

Linking different language version of sites

Getting back in after site outage

February 10, 2004

Affiliates cause Google penalty?

Google indexed robots banned urls

Space in URL in Google results

February 6, 2004

Duplicate URL problem fixed

Duplicate URLs and Corn Pizza

Curious about duplicate URLs

Same URL showing twice in Google

HTTP 1.1 and Virtual Hosting

Many sites, same IP addres

February 4, 2004

Thanks for Austin Feedback

Austin Update Feedback

February 3, 2004

Thinking about fractals

Fractal Snowflake Problem

February 1, 2004

Drop That Flash

Google Flash Spidering

Automated Tests

Google canonicalization problems

January 31, 2004

Email the crawl people

Related searches experiment

German subdomain Google spam

Tripod site gone from Google

Anglefire sites gone from Google

Cloaking and translations

Infinite sub domains

Evolutionary Process for Google

January 30, 2004

Google cloaking versus copyright infringement

Orkut goes down

January 28, 2004

Dutch SEO sites cloaking

January 27, 2004

Status bar message don't cause Google penalty

Google crawls javascript links?

January 24, 2004

Googe Update: Austin

Google Mysteries

January 23, 2004

Data center DNS aliases gone

The Google 20% rule

Orkut on Linux

Google employees get 20% personal time

January 22, 2004

Google launches Orkut

Allinanchor not working?

Google DC DNS aliases removed

Google data center aliases going away

January 20, 2004

Using Characters instead of letters

Google follows any valid link

January 19, 2004


January 18, 2004

Robots.txt and disallowed pages

January 17, 2004

301 redirects go back to the queue

January 15, 2004

Mars Rover Google Logo

January 13, 2004

Google results not affected by advertising

January 12, 2004

topic_id paramter is okay

January 9, 2004

Google Whois Search

Google and Carrier Bradshaw

January 8, 2004

Stemming is SEO neutral

Google Sex in the City

January 5, 2004

Long parameters look like session IDs

January 3, 2004

Make dynamic URLs look static

January 2, 2004

Absolute links have less chance of getting messed up

January 1, 2004

2004 New Years Logo

Use absolute links for Google

Degree from Maryland

TiVo boosting parties

December 31, 2003

Google branding in Brin address?

December 30, 2003

Sergey Brin Commencement Address

December 29, 2003

Pet Peeve : spyware

Spyware hijacks Google

phpBB not indexed by Google?

December 27, 2003

Googlebots take Christman off

December 22, 2003

Corn on a pizza

Technical side of Google

December 21, 2003

GG posts in profile

December 20, 2003

GoogleGuy and Cluetrain

December 19, 2003

GoogleGuy surpasses 2000 posts

December 18, 2003

Google Doodles

Is Google cloaking?

Special characters in titles

XML and Google PageRank

December 17, 2003

Google allinurl operator

Don't use special characters in title

Google book excerpt pages gain PR

Google logo designer

Slaphappiness and sleepiness

Google Book Search - Beta

Google and the meaning of words

100 years of flight Google logo

December 16, 2003

Good heavens

Spyware shows fake Google results

Google can block IP addresses

December 15, 2003

Google indexes first 101K "sometimes"

December 14, 2003

Google Store

Google scarf

December 13, 2003

Facing the music

Change of thread title

Rotating links

Google to open R&D office in India

December 11, 2003

Google Football Match

AWA catching GG

December 10, 2003


Chivalrous GoogleGuy?

okay to hide URL on mouseover

Another Googler: AdSenseAdvisor

Another Google 'Advisor'

AdSense Advisor-ish Role?

Google AdSense Checks Delayed

Filey versus Florida

December 9, 2003

Spam sites in Filey?

Google Filey feedback

Poor hotel Google results

Is -in more like early Florida?

Too many DMOZ pages in SERPs

www-in is not good

'Filey' feedback on www-in

December 8, 2003

Penalties and Paranoia

December 7, 2003

Important equals high PageRank

Okay to email webmasters to change links

Searching with quotes

Important links lead to deep Google crawl

December 6, 2003

Expert Google feedback

Google nest of sites

Froogle: feeds vs. crawls

Keywords in text won't get you the boot

Google stemming in other languages?

Recent changes to Froogle

Quality backlinks

Respect for careful assertions

December 5, 2003

Sample size

December 4, 2003

Time for robots.tx disallow

Google on UK TV

Backlinks can't sabotage your Google rankings

Google smart stemming

December 3, 2003

Plus sign turns off Google stemming

GoogleGuy on the Florida Google Update

Bloody lynch mob

November 30, 2003

Cookies save country preference

Googlebot no obeying robots.txt?

November 29, 2003

Google country redirect

Tilde results haven't changed

Shorter URL paramters

default home page for Google

November 28, 2003

Overriding Google stemming

Google launches word stemming

November 24, 2003

Shorter parameters better for Google

301 redirect to www.domain.com

November 23, 2003

Google may see many digits as session id

use www or no www for Google

URL parameters that look like session ids

November 20, 2003

Chiming in

November 19, 2003

Keywords for internal links are okay

Update "mostly" complete

Google propaganda?

November 17, 2003

At least one minor update

More data to come in update

No penalty for hyphenated domains

November 16, 2003

DMOZ not a factor in update

Stepping away

November 15, 2003

Chicken Little the webmaster

MC data center not live?

Running errands

Florida feedback channels

Specific Florida feedback

3 to 4 days for Florida update

Radio call in show

Some good some bad

Fast moving update thread

Google results may vary

Update hurts "overoptimizers"?

Google update mosh pit

Is the update complete?

Dropped completely in Google?

Google is a zero sum game

Moon pies

No such thing as Google spam?

New semantics logic in Google Update?

Whitehats and Blackhats

Does Google hate optimizers?

Google scoring changes?

Update specifics to Google

Spammers hit by Florida update

Florida Google Update

November 7, 2003

Googlebot can't reach subnet

November 6, 2003

Resize Google Deskbar automatically

Google Deskbar beta

November 4, 2003


Old Google Cache

November 1, 2003

Birth to a community

October 31, 2003

Google narcissism

Google logos maker

Google is God?

Google Analogies


October 30, 2003

Google Slovakia launched

October 23, 2003

Google links to Dictionary.com

October 22, 2003

How to switch hosts for Google

October 21, 2003

Registry key changes hosts file

October 20, 2003

Congrats to new moderator

Google definitions: the 'define' operator

Googleberry muffins

October 16, 2003

Schizoid webservers

October 15, 2003

Google cookie redirect

Google founders interview on NPR

October 13, 2003

Google Toolbar PR lags ranking PR

Fresh tags are icing on the cake

October 12, 2003

Google makes inferences about URL paramters

No penalty for Google whistle blowing

October 11, 2003

Use sitemaps and avoid 'id' variables

October 10, 2003

Google related searches is not spellchecker

October 6, 2003

Hijack This detects domain hijacking

October 4, 2003


October 3, 2003

Blogger kicked out of AdSense

October 2, 2003

New TOS for Google AdSense

September 30, 2003

New languages for AdSense

Spybot shows browser helper objects

Child Sponsorship Donation

September 29, 2003

Homer and Google

Redirected to www2.google.com

Google Toolbar disables Alexa toolbar?

Krishna Bharat: Googly, smart, and nice

September 28, 2003

IMS doesn't affect Google ranking

Google ignoring robots.txt and NOINDEX

Google Location search experimental

Affiliate link instead of real URL

September 27, 2003

If Modified Since

September 26, 2003

Widespread hijacking of Google.com

September 25, 2003

Google Toolbar for Mozilla

Email notifications added

Google Toolbar in multiple languages

September 24, 2003

Google 'AdWords by location'

Google Geo-search still in development

Google finds sushi boats and Guinness

September 23, 2003

'All Caps' in Google AdWords ads

Two AdWords for the same site

Yellow asterisks in AdWords

Google geosearch

Google Labs - a peek behind the curtain