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Important message from the operator of this site


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PostPosted: June 2, 2003 1:17 PM 

This entry is NOT a quote from GoogleGuy.

The format of this site is changing....an improved format will begin immediately. The catalyst for this change, however, is unfortunate. Recently, I received the following email from the founder of WebmasterWorld:

Dear Mark,

It has come to our attention that you have been using copyrighted content found on WebmasterWorld. We ask that you please stop this practice and remove all content copied from WebmasterWorld.com within the next week. Please let me know when this is done and no further action will be taken by either WebmasterWorld or by Google.

Thank You
Brett Tabke

In compliance with this request the following changes will be made:

1. Quotes will be paraphrased, rather than quoted directly.

This approach has a number of postive side-affects. Since the the text will be in my own words, I will be able to provide more context around each quote, so you won't need to follow the links and read other messages from the thread to understand what is being said. Of course, the paraphrasals will be based on my interpretation, which may differ from yours, and it will undoubtedly be wrong at times. Links to the actual quotes will continue to be provided.

2. Each paraphrased quote will be assigned a High, Medium, or Low importance level.

Defined loosely, quotes that convey important information about changes at Google will be rated High, while casual remarks will be rated Low, quotes between the two will be rated Medium. Time will tell, but I expect that the majority of quotes will fall into the Medium category. Once again, this categorization is based on my interpretation, which you may not necessarily agree with.

3. Filtering by Importance Level (HTML and RSS)

The new format allows you to filter your view of this site. You can view all entries (default), or only entries rated High, Medium, or Low. You can even subscribe to an RSS feed for each importance level. So if you only want to keep track of important messages, you can subscribe to the "High" RSS feed with your news aggregator. Here are the links:

High (HTML)
High (RSS)
Medium (HTML)
Medium (RSS)
Low (HTML)
Low (RSS)

The first entries in the new format have already begun (in the past few minutes). Older archives will be offline until I update them to the new format.

Comments, suggestions, and conversations on the new format are welcome -- just click the Conversation link below.


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PostPosted: June 3, 2003 3:55 PM 

I think the premise of your site is good, but I don't agree with content ripping. Maybe I'll set up a few hundered sites that hijack your stuff.

Adios muchacho

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