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Link Stuffer = Bad Neighbourhood?


Author Message
GoogleGuy Says

PostPosted: February 28, 2004 12:08 AM 

Importance: High

While it has been widely understood that "linking to a bad neighbourhood" is something that can result in a penalty, GoogleGuy's comments below are enlightening to me. From what I have read, "bad neighbourhood" usually means "link farm" - a site setup for the sole purpose of creeating links for PR purposes. In this thread, GG cites a specific example of a member linking to another site with 1400 words of keyword-stuffed text. The member claims that the linked sites were related sites. GoogleGuy's advice concerns me - do I need to check the source of every site I link to? What happens if someone links to a site which appears (on the surface) to be a good neighbourhood?

GoogleGuy Says: [Link to quote]

"So GoogleGuy - does the no title/description showing = penalty?"

Hi conroy. Typically no title/description showing = url was seen but not crawled. Off the cuff, I can think of a lot of reasons for that. The site could have been down when we crawled it. I checked the thread that someone pointed to. For the original poster, they said that they had just launched their site(s). The following response that counseled patience was the right one--don't be disturbed if it takes a little while for Googlebot to find a site when it's first launched, although it's better/faster than in the past. In some cases it can be a penalty. For example, BeeDeeDubbleU, if you think the 9-10 sites you were linking to were innocent, I'll sticky you the 1400 words of keyword stuffed text from the front page of one of the sites in question. It's your responsibility to check out a site at least mildly before you associate with them. It took me only a minute to look at the cached copy of one of the root pages, and it's right there plain as day. The thread that someone else pointed out had 24 posts, and 1/3 of those were BallochBD, who hasn't put a url in his profile.

Hopefully that closes out some of the specific questions but also gives a useful general answer as well. apollo: apologies if things drifted off-topic. The headline was a little attention-grabbing to get people to read it, but I enjoyed the actual article a lot.

Mangeur de cigogne

Posts: no

Reply: 1

PostPosted: March 6, 2004 6:53 AM 

This neighbourhood thing is scary. We'll have to be very carefull before giving a link... and close all our guestbooks :cry:


Posts: no

Reply: 2

PostPosted: July 21, 2004 1:23 AM 

whose business is it of googles who we link to? If they don't like the bad neighborhood, boot them from the index.Then it doesn't matter who links to them.

aaron wall

Posts: 5

Reply: 3

PostPosted: August 8, 2004 3:51 PM 

"whose business is it of googles who we link to?"

many people get paid tons of money to link into garbage. Google should penalize sites for linking into garbage.

aaron wall

Posts: 5

Reply: 4

PostPosted: August 8, 2004 3:52 PM 

"whose business is it of googles who we link to?"

many people get paid tons of money to link into garbage. Google should penalize sites for linking into garbage.

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