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Using Deleted AdWords Keywords doe not erase History


Author Message
Fabio Salvadori

PostPosted: April 27, 2004 4:27 PM 

Importance: AWA

AdWordsAdvisor says that you cannot erase a keyword's history by deleting it from you account, BUT adding a deleted keyword to a new AdGroup does give it fresh start for the first 1000 impressions, then the whole history get factored in (at least that's my interpretation of the message below).

AdWordsAdvisor Says: [Link to quote]

Ok, back with some additional info regarding eWhisper's work-around from way back there in post #12.

In post #14, I mentioned the work-around wouldn't work, and would provide additional details. Here they are.

"It's been noted in the past that if you delete a word everywhere in your account, that essentially you've 'killed' the history for that KW. I'm working off the assumption that this is still true. "

Actually this is not correct, eWhisper, and I'm sorry if I haven't been clear about the reason behind deleting disabled keywords wherever they occur.

* Deleting a disabled keyword in every place it occurs, before re-using that word, is important not because it 'kills' the keyword's history (which it does not do), but because, if you don't, the keyword is still disabled. And a currently disabled keyword can't be re-used.

* So, again, deleting a keyword every place it occurs does not 'kill' it's history. And re-using a disabled/deleted keyword in the same Ad Group will burden the keyword with it's entire past history, and not allow it a fresh start. (FromRocky was correct on this point, in post #15).

* However, re-using a disabled/deleted keyword in a new Ad Group will give the keyword a fresh 1000 impressions to prove itself. After this 1000 impressions, the entire past history will be folded in - with the most recent 1000 impressions being weighted more heavily. (BTW, it is best to put a very troublesome keyword in a new Ad Group all by itself, with a very carefully written ad, and with the keyword in the headline if at all possible.)

"Is it possible to delete all the KWs from an adgroup, leaving all the ads still in place, save the changes, thus the KWs are currently nowhere in your account (history gone). Then just add those same KWs back into that adgroup, thus restarting the exact same adgroup with those same KWs, yet with no history... "

So no, as mentioned above, this is not possible - because the history still rides with those keywords.

"So now, the new bid changes will help you out more than if you just increased your bids? "

This wouldn't really be true either, as CTR is always being normalized for position by an algo running under the hood. In other words, if you simply left your Ad Group as it was with keywords intact, and raised the Max CPC enough to improve your position, then the CTR would automatically be normalized for your new position. This process of normalization for postion is occuring 24/7, every single time your position changes.

Hope that makes sense.


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