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What to do when you get a Google 404


Author Message
GoogleGuy Says

PostPosted: September 4, 2003 11:40 AM 

Importance: Medium

GoogleGuy describes some helpful steps that could help Google track down to source of recent reported outages.

GoogleGuy Says: [Link to quote]

Hey, I talked to someone who tracks down these types of issues. Here's what would be the most helpful:
- If you see a 404, we'd love a screenshot showing the URL
- If you see other glitches, you can send us a traceroute from when it happens, with a time/date stamp. If you don't know what a traceroute is, you might not be able to help, but just to explain: it's a diagram of the path that a packet takes to Google. From looking at a traceroute, we can often debug whether some network link along the way is dropping packets for some reason.
If you see some problem and are able to capture any data, send it on to us (I would send it to webmaster [at] google.com with the subject line "Google Networking Traceroute" or something like that) and it will wend its way to an engineer who can examine it.

I haven't run across any reports of problems like this from asking around here, but in case someone is hitting a network issue, more info like the stuff above would help us figure out where it's coming from (Google, ISP, whatever..). Thanks for anyone that cares to send us this info if they see network weirdness!

Mark Carey

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PostPosted: September 12, 2003 9:03 AM 

Here is an example of a recent Google 404 error screen snap:


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