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September 22, 2003

Google search by location

Comcast customers can't reach Google.com

Thanks for being nice to Google

Google will spider Ikonboard CGI URL

September 18, 2003

'Servlet' in URL not a problem for Google

Reinclusion request for expired domain

September 16, 2003

More parameters, less important?

September 15, 2003

Few URL Parameters for Google

Gut-level estimate of 2% average CTR

September 14, 2003

Supplemental results above and beyond

September 13, 2003

Joking about scumware

September 12, 2003

AdWords tolerance for capitalization

Google AdWords keyword and campaign performance

Related searches not scumware

Scumware hijacks Google domains

Back after the 23rd

One ad at a tiem per AdWords keyword

AdWords campaign performance questions

AWA goes MIA

Better date-based AdWords reports

Clarification on update

Opera to use Google AdWords

September 11, 2003

Delete disabled AdWords keywords

AdWords CTR above 2%?

AdWords interface error

AdWords phone support meeting

Absolute links better for Google

Related Searches is Google Experiment

September 10, 2003

One AdWords ad at a time

Adwords keywords on different campaigns

Paused Google AdWords campaign

Google "related searches" being tested

Related searches on Google

Google birthday is September 7th

September 9, 2003

Sensitive AdWords keywords

Tips for good AdWords CTR

Google AdWords powerposting

Site transitions for Google

Google launches Google News Italy

Avoid Javascript links for Google

More page content for Google

Google not spidering site

September 8, 2003

TiVo captures Google on CNN

Congrats on 200K

September 7, 2003

Serve 404s directly for Google

September 6, 2003

404 pages won't trigger Google penalty

September 5, 2003

International AdWords advertisers

Missing AdWords dropdown

Google Search seperate from AdWords

Gibbs Aquada

Expecting Google to do better

Less PDF, Amazon pages on Google?

How Google spam reports are used

September 4, 2003

Google traceroute

What to do when you get a Google 404

September 3, 2003

No AdWords Scheduling feature (yet)

Negative keywords for Google AdWords

Google priorities

HTTP has lost its meaning

September 2, 2003

Error pages on Google site

Pause and resume AdWords campaigns

Destination URLs for AdWords

Google search for 'HTTP' returns big web sites

Google 404s?

Intermittent Google problems?

No Google boost for EDU or GOV links

Google charset detection

August 29, 2003

Google AdWords features to management

Delighted and Thanks

Number of AdWords advertisers per per keyword

Renaming AdWords campaigns

August 27, 2003

Google supplemental index

Google 'supplemental results'

August 26, 2003

Google's Adwords pop up policy

August 25, 2003

AdWords emails may be treated as SPAM

AdWords support examined account

Measuring Google PDF volume

AdWords on Google but not AOL

Missing index a Linux issue?

More on Google Toolbar auto updating

August 24, 2003

DMCA and the Google cache

GoogleToolbar FAQ and privacy

Programmatic queries using Google Toolbar?

Google's DMCA policy

August 23, 2003

Auto-updating Google Toolbar

Toolbar FAQ discloses auto update feature

Google Toolbar auto updates

August 22, 2003

30th Birthday for Google founder

August 21, 2003

Orange Googlers at the dance

Write-up of AdWords CPC estimate calculation

Google tries to handle the unusual

Legal to use "google" in domain name?

Google doesn't like double 301 redirects

Using Google in a domain name

Domain migration with 301 redirects

August 20, 2003

Google spam report URL

Google should be working harder

Google dictionary

August 19, 2003

AdWords campaign end date

Advice to a new AdWords advertiser

Google AdWords interest bar

How does Google estimate cost per click (CPC)?

Email address for AdWords feedback

Google realm of normal variation

Google can't do everything

Index vs subpages, problem fixed?

Google results more international?

Google penalty checklist

Google pays attention

August 18, 2003

Suggestions at the Google Dance

August 16, 2003

SE search box won't affect ranking

Secure:true Google search modifier?

Improved Google DNS caching?

August 15, 2003

Link to new AdWords interface

AdWords suspension without reason

AdWords restore full delivery

AdWords not appear due to budget?

Collecting more PDF data

Request for reports

August 14, 2003

Google can't detect CSS hidden text

Google missing index fix not yet

August 13, 2003

AdWords suggested daily budget

PDF, DOC, and vendor update

AdWords advertiser gets $15 credit

Refreshing helps missing index problem?

Google index fix within days

Google engineers find missing index problem?

Another online calculator tool

Google calculates and converts

August 12, 2003

Guest Forum - start your own discussions

Google beach towels

Adwords and pharmaceuticals

Test Guest Forum message

More geeky Google calculator stuff

Google Geeks

Google Calculator

August 11, 2003

Notes Field for AdWords?

PDF and vendor pages in SERPs

Google and hexadecimal links

Articles on Google privacy concerns

August 10, 2003

Google cultists

Watching the watchers

Google: evil, cool, or both?

Google conspiracy theories

Google, Amazon, and back doors?

August 9, 2003

Google space tether

Google and vendor pages

August 8, 2003

Investigation of PDF and DOC files in Google

Google continuous update?

Use specific Google AdWords

AdWords Campaigns, AdGroups, and products

AdWords must point to a web page

Google update begins (or not?)

Google buys Iceland

Fraudulent AdSense clicks

GoogleGuy busy lately

August 7, 2003

Google spam report received

AdSense 'blank space' disabled too

Charity ads (PSAs) to replace blank space

Thanks for related searches feedback

Fast forward to the end

Google and AdSense changes

Related searches removed from AdSense

Adsense related searches suspended

Google disables related searches

AdSense related searches paused

Pagerank doesn't grow automatically

More PDFs in Google?

Looking for Google spam

Missing index page in Google results

PageRank is like reputation

AdSense related searches draw attention

Newhoo backlinks don't affect PageRank?

Blank space brought to you by Google

Google Dance to happen Aug. 18

August 6, 2003

Related searches on AdSense ads

Thanks for the spam

Custom colors for AdSense

Newhoo backlinks

Will Google sell database?

Newhoo spam in Google?

No increase in PDFs in Google

More PDF and DOC files in Google?

Google News email alerts

August 5, 2003

No pop-ups with AdWords

Power features vs. ease of use

Include the trailing slash for Google

Google tilde better than OR

Google synonym search

August 4, 2003

Google Ad Groups versus Campaigns

AdWords and Clickthrough Rate (CTR)

URL addressing schemes

August 3, 2003

Identical URLs in Google

Templates okay for Google

Google doesn't OCR images

Google cookies and URL tracking

August 2, 2003

Unlocking the Google Toolbar

August 1, 2003

Great feedback on AdWords interface

AdWords enhancement suggestions

AdWords disabled keywords

Google India launched

ODP Links not required for PageRank

New Google Switzerland logo

July 31, 2003

Google search bug confirmed

AdWords ad not approved

Search GoogleGuy Says

July 30, 2003

Hanging back

Google slow, or spyware infection?

Google down in the UK

Unrecognized file type by Google

July 29, 2003

Changing file extensions for Google

Google spidering of forums

Redirect to Australian Google

AdWordsAdvisor Says category added

301 redirect for Google

July 28, 2003

Contacting Google re: AdWords

AdWords Ad Group naming feature

Email from Google about robots.txt

Google kids

July 27, 2003

Google spider doesn't affect AdWords

July 26, 2003

Google and file extensions

All she wants to do is dance

Google and vBulletin3

July 25, 2003

Comments and suggestions on AdWords

AdWords Trademark dispute issues

AdWords feature request report

Googlebot in the corn fields

New Google AdWords interface

July 24, 2003

New AdWords interface launched

Ads not appearing

Google tips for a newbie

False Alarm: No Google Update

July 23, 2003

AdWords feature requests

AdWords Approval

July 22, 2003

AdWords workaround for review delay

Budgeting AdWords

Google spidering Dynamic URLS

Google News Advanced Search

July 21, 2003

AdWords on Google partner sites

AdWords not always showing on Amazon

Disallowing extensions in robots.txt

Google webmaster tips

July 20, 2003

XP Styles and Google Toolbar

Google and virtual hosts

IP based domain name in Google

Google backlinks are recent

July 19, 2003

Google traffic affected by the weather

July 18, 2003

Can AdWords link to an email address?

AWA late in the day

TLDs don't count for Google

Decimal points in META tags

Google weekly traffic patterns

AdWordsAdvisor feels at home

July 17, 2003

AdWordsAdvisor's first post

AdWordsAdvisor Says?

July 16, 2003

The toolbar debate continues

Have you stopped kicking your dog yet?

Another denial about Google Toolbar

Google Toolbar tracks URLs for spidering?

July 15, 2003

Spammers return to Google index

July 14, 2003

Probably real email from Google

July 13, 2003

Google and Ikonboard

Google and jump menus

Paranoia about robots.txt

July 12, 2003

Out of the blue email from Google?

July 11, 2003

Waiting to be indexed by Google

July 9, 2003

Spyware presents fake Google homepage?

Google cache raises copyright concerns

July 8, 2003

Hidden DIVs and Cloaking

Avoid id parameter for Google

Hidden DIVs as Google spam

Virtual hosting is not Google spam

June 30, 2003

AdSense for information sites

Google pig latin

An SEO example

New sites take time in Google

Summary of latest Google update

June 29, 2003

Google does not penalize pop-ups

Stock quotes on Google

Pop-ups penalized in Google?

Sites with no title or snippets

June 27, 2003

Domains and dashes

Reverse DNS and Google

Underscores are not word seperators in Google

SEMPO hurt by new lobby group?

Yahoo Watch

SERPs improving?

Hyphens, underscores, or spaces for Google?

Google has been slow

Google time to index new site

Newer site take time to build up PR

Automated queries and data center comparison

URL case sensitivity for Google?

June 26, 2003

Search Engine Lobby Group

June 25, 2003

Highlight hidden text

Toolbar voting buttons are th4e same

Google Toolbar provides country choice

Tooblar 2.0 feedback

Google doesn't name updates

Google Toolbar 2.0 (Beta)

Salon: The Google backlash

June 24, 2003

Google doesn't like "id" URL parameter

June 23, 2003

Google crawling sites from toolbar?

Site not gone for good

Forum view added

Google API for automated queries

Automated queries trigger IP ban

No automated Google queries

June 22, 2003

Refining AdSense

June 21, 2003

Eyes glazing over

AdSense can target new pages quickly

Congratulating a new mod

June 20, 2003

Adsense clickthrough rates

Googlers work around the clock?

AdSense crawl results in removal from index?

Google is listening

AdSense disapproval reversed

June 19, 2003

Webmasters know what site is about

Google to lead in ads and lose command of search?

Does Google stop crawling after 2 billion plus pages?

ASCII order doesn't matter for Google crawl

AdSense doesn't allow affiliate links

AdSense sales pitch continues

Found AdSense CSS issue

GoogleGuy links to a blog

AdSense as good ad service

Index pages ranking higher

Freaky coincidence

AdSense technology to be used in search?

Sites in the new index should stick

June 18, 2003

Hanging out and helping out

Choosing AdWords vs. AdSense

Abuse of AdSense

Percolating scoring factors

SJ has not been serving results to WWW

AdSense ads don't transfer Google PageRank

Espotting acquires FindWhat.com

AdSense is about search

AdSense lets you exlcude competitors

High quality sites for AdSense

Google AdSense applications are manually reviewed

AdSense not a quicker way into the index

Google AdSense for sites of all sizes

Google launches AdSence

Stressed-out webmasters in 2010

Google Update: one data center per day

June 17, 2003

Copyright vs. Google spam

Confusion over the FAST-Altavista deal

FAST buys Altavista's enterprise search business

June 16, 2003

Snowball of personal mail

Webmaster reports not as bad as expected

Google PageRank in flux

Final PageRanks have not settled

Advice for a new SEO

Google tries to determine official page

'At' is a stopword

Google can spot hidden text in table cells

Filter = zero

Patience to get site listed

PR cap for multiple one-way links

AdWords doesn't help/hurt rankings

Google changed my life

More Google traffic from specific phrases

Much newer data

June 15, 2003

Antsy webmasters

Esmerelda 'sky is falling' stage has begun

Method to check U.S. results?

No comment on future updates

Hitting the keyboard randomly

MSN is 'worst search engine'?

Feedback on Esmerelda

How to check Google backlinks

Google Esmerelda mini FAQ

PageRank no showing yet

Don't compare pre-Dominic and post-Dominic backlinks

Increased backlinks = site crawled successfully

Pages should stick

Seeing and handling links

Google stickiness

More backlinks is a good sign

Find every page on the web

FreshDeepBot IP ranges

URL display and backlinks

New Google index not final

Not enough time or space

New index crawl by Freshbot - no more Deepbot

Backlinks more accurate

Very-fresh crawl

Off to the official update thread

This Google update will be faster

Google Update has begun!

Google Update Esmerelda

No special spam-reporting priority for AdWords customers

Google Father's Day logo

New logo and update?

AdWords and SERPs are independent

Searching for search engines

Altavista number one for 'search engine'

Where does a site start or stop?

June 14, 2003

A proposal for SiteRank

Google News wins Webby award


Google finds problem

URLs mixed up?

June 13, 2003

Making sure Google crawls site

Googlebot likes cheeseburgers

Keeping eyes peeled

Google spiders PDF files

GG to ask around about problems

Google not working?

The quotes are back

There will be a "next update"

dfbot or Fredbot

Feedback after the next update

Freshbot is now FreshDeepbot?

Fresh is going deeper

Hamburger pluto search

June 12, 2003

Spam reports for hidden text

IP-based penalties are rare

Taking action on hidden text

Not a huge fan of theming

More on automated spam detection

Automated approach to spam

Dancing at the Google Dance 2002

Next Google update in June (maybe)

A frugal Googler

Temporary issues solved with next update?

No answers about the current update?

Thanks to the mods

Penalty and you didn't know it


Submitting sites to Google

Google toolbar for Mozilla?

Google and Cloaking

Tours of the Googleplex?

What does Google think of SEO?

Google penalties that last forever?

Webmaster and searcher intent

Two-tier spam reporting?

Google is a 'natural' PR11

Does Google take forums seriously?

Has GG been tempted?

Index pages ranking lower with recent changes

Google's approach to spam

June 11, 2003

Questions and Answers

Check for scumware (spyware)

Jokes and Quotes

Does Google have a sinister side?

GG responds to Google-Watch article

Frequently of advanced search modifiers

TLD doesn't matter for Google

Webmasters and searchers think differently

Google and tracking links

Google and the ODP (DMOZ)

June 10, 2003

Business Week Google Article

June 9, 2003

Still waiting for update

Again - don't worry about toolbar PR

Backlinks that show don't necessarily count

VNC for remote access

Don't worry about Toolbar PR

Google 100 link limit is just a guideline

June 8, 2003

Incomplete translation

June 7, 2003

Clarifying a point

Google not running out of IDs

New address for GoogleGuy Says

June 6, 2003

A bus driver analogy

Still snippet problems at google.co.il?

Google's communication approach to webmasters

June 5, 2003

Automated Google hidden text filters

Not agreeing or disagreeing

Israeli Google should be completely fixed

Google and Lycos Europe announce deal

Jumping out of windows

Rationale for latest changes at Google

June 4, 2003

Google cooks eggs poorly

Google cares about Israeli audience

Descriptions for Hebrew sites return

June 3, 2003

Google changes algorithms for the user

Google references in books

Google and page background colors

Happy about Freshbot

Google to stop reporting backlinks?

June 2, 2003

Israeli Google bug identified

Google Toolbar PageRank not currently accurate

Important message from the operator of this site

Problems on Israeli Google

Posted in another thread

Hebrew search strings

Not around for a few days

May 31, 2003

Indexing .txt files

May 30, 2003

Google penalties, chimpanzee IQ

Pointing elsewhere

Can Google detect hidden text in Javascript?

Hidden text spam report

May 28, 2003

Recent changes to geolocation redirects

Saying thanks again

Google subdomain spam report

Hundreds of Google spam reports with no effect

An example of poor Google search results

May 27, 2003

Setting Google spam thresholds is tough

Google hidden text algorithms

Northern Light shines again