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Limit MT Comments to 1 Week

David Sifry presents a simple method for limiting comments for only one week after the entry was posted. There are both advantages and disadvantages of implementing this - but it does simplify comment management significantly and it may be suitable for some blogs.

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The trouble is the commenting system ni the first place. I think the developers and modders are missing the wood for the trees on this issue.

I just want to let folks who are thinking of using Mark for SEO that I have been extremely impressed with his work. He helped me move my ranking for a few keywords from almost unknown to the top 25 on google and the top 5 on Yahoo!! Well worth my investment.

Thanks Mark!

Limiting comments for only one week after the entry was posted is a great idea but you must be able to have different time limits for different entries (topics) you can't comment in general a new 1 year for example


Limiting comments is a nice preventative mesure, but not a permanent cure. MT should be working more on the latter, an less on the former.

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