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Movable Type Customization Service

Movable Type is powerful content management and blogging software application.

Movable Type (MT) is designed to enable extensive customization and extensions of the application. Creative use of the customization tools available have lead to many innovative uses of the software.

An example is the MT Forum View that I developed. This customization makes MT look and act like a discussion forum. A working example can be seen in the forum on this site. An good example of an active forum powered by MT is my Seinfeld Blog Forum, in which almost 300 forum topics have been started by visitors to the web site. Seinfeld Blog is also a good example of using MT to power both the site and the forum, enabling a truly integrated interactive web site. Almost everything on the web site has a related discussion in the forum. This approach invites visitors to comment and discuss anything and everything about the site.

Two of my other web sites use Movable Type to power a visitor-driven database, with integrated discussions. Smells Like Sour and the Blog Spam Database accept submissions from visitors as additions to the database. Visitors can then discuss each submission in the forum.

Due to the highly-flexible nature of Movable Type, there are countless other creative applications of the software. I am very interesting in learning what your needs and ideas are - perhaps I can develop a customized MT application to enhance your web presence.

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Movable Type Open Source: I’d never thought I’d see this day in the five years I’ve been using MT. As of today, and forever forward, Movable Type is open source. This means you can freely modify, redistribute, and use Movable Type for any purpose you choose.
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