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Amazon Rainforest Canopy Tower

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PostPosted: June 17, 2006 4:45 PM 

After a 20 minute walk through the Amazon rainforest, we arrived at the canopy tower. The canopy tower appears like a section of scaffolding that you might see on the side of a building during renovation or contruction. Looking up at it, it just kept going higher and higher and higher and higher. The rainforest has some very tall trees, and the whole idea of a canopy tower is to rise above the tops of the trees. Sally says the tower is 120 feet high, but it seems and feels much higher than that. We began to mount the stairs, section by section. The tower is supported by a series of suspension cables, without which, the tower would never reach so high without falling over. The capacity of the tower is 20 or 30 people, depending on which guide you ask. There was at least 25 people on various sections of th canopy tower while we were on it, and at times it would shake quite a bit. Every time we felt that we were close to the top, there would be more and more steps, going higher, and then higher still. Finally we reached the top and the sun was getting ready to set. From this height you can see the tops of the trees for miles around, and you can also see the bend in the river. We took some photos, including some nice sunset photos over the Amazon rainforest.

By the time we got back down to the ground, it was dark - especially under the canopy. Using our flashlights, we walked back through the jungle. Our guides showed us some large ant hills, along with many ants in procession -- big ants. But then, Jorge showed us an even bigger ant, all by itself. That type of ant is the largest ant in the world, and has a very painful bite.

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