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Dinner at the Jungle Lodge

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PostPosted: June 17, 2006 7:00 PM 

After getting back to the jungle lodge, we had a short amount of time before dinner at 7 PM. Dinner was chicken in a curry peanut sauce, and not bad at all. It was served with rice and and yucca (or something similar). I had some Peruvian beer and Michelle had some passionfruit and vodka, which she liked. After dinner, we went to bed ... at 9 PM. Yes, this is early, but we have been up since 5:45 AM and we have a 4 AM wake-up knock in the morning. (Since we have no phone, nor a door, we get a knock on our bamboo walls). They also turn off the kersosense lamps at 9 PM, and then all we have is flashlights and two candles.

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