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Amazon Oxbow Lake

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PostPosted: June 18, 2006 4:24 AM 

After our 4 AM wake-up "knock", we had breakfast by candlelight, then hiked out to the port, where we board the motorized canoe again. As the boat left the shore the day was just beginning to dawn. The river was shrouded in a dense fog, and most of the time, you could see one back or the other, but not both. The driver, at the back of the long canoe, couldn't see more than 15 feet ahead of the boat. I just hoped there was a suddene unexpected obstruction in the river ahead.

We stopped, making it safely as the fog slowly began to lift. From here there was a another hike on a jungle trail. After about 45 minutes, we arrive at the Amazon oxbow lake, where we boarded a "Catamaran". Before you get any ideas about a luxury sailing yacht, it was essential a big raft with two pontoons, steered and powered by a single long paddle at the back of the boat. We slowly went around the lake, looking for birds on the shore. We saw a number of interesting birds, including a group of blue and yellow macaws that went flying overhead. And a toucan, but not up close. Half way through, we saw several large river otters swimming around the lake. Finally, we stopped the boat to do some piranha fishing! I gave it a go and had several nibbles, but couldn't hook one. Time and time again, we would put the bait on the hook, and these little fish would skillfully remove the bait without getting hooked. I think they have learned the whole "bait on a hook" scam, and they aren't falling for it any longer. Our guide finally was able to hook one and brought it into the boat. After taking a look at its sharp teeth, he threw it back to play the game another day.

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