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Palm Trees

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PostPosted: October 23, 2003 5:29 PM 

"Perhaps if you'd grown up in the Great White Frozen Wasteland that is northern Minnesota you'd understand my allegedly unnatural affinity for palm trees."

-The People's Republic of Seabrook


PostPosted: March 18, 2004 9:40 PM 

If you like palm trees, then come to Vancouver Island BC, Canada! I live in Vancouver BC and Oak Bay BC on the island has a lot of palm trees! Some that are 10 to 12 meters high! And there beautiful too! Or else just go to cali or florida.


PostPosted: May 16, 2004 10:23 PM 

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada is a place where you can see palm trees in public places and local gardens. There are public palms on Vancouver Island in the cities of Victoria and Nanaimo, BC.
The small town of Sechelt, BC has public palm trees for tourists to see.


PostPosted: May 20, 2004 3:50 AM 

Talking about palm trees, you might have a look at the palm tree in our garden here in Spain.

Alicante Palm Trees
I think they might be as nice as the canadian once. :-)


PostPosted: July 13, 2005 2:54 AM 

i just got back from vancouver and they really do have some nice palm trees i just wonder when bc found out they could grow palms?..

Marty (babypalms)

PostPosted: October 12, 2005 5:01 PM 

Took a liking to palms and a few other garden items a while back. Here's my palms that I grow in the back yard.


PostPosted: November 9, 2005 9:21 PM 

Have a question on palm tree's. I reside in NW Florida and see plenty of palm tree's but only when they seem to have been placed there by man. Of course im talking of the tall palm tree's 20+ feet. Are they native of NW Florida or Florida for that matter and if they are native of Florida how far up the state do they grow naturally?


PostPosted: June 28, 2009 5:01 PM 

can a bird of paradise and a majesty palm be planted out doors in the fraser valley? and how can I help it survive

newbee gardener

PostPosted: June 28, 2009 5:02 PM 

can a bird of paradise and a majesty palm be planted out doors in the fraser valley? and how can I help it survive

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