Reputation Management:

March 10, 2004

Technorati Tracks Over 100 Million Links

Congratulations to Technorati for bypassing the 100,000,000 link mark. Wow!

The technorati team is growing too, including the addition of Joi Ito. More interesting things are sure to come from the Link Reputation service.

December 31, 2003

Reputation Systems and Social Networks

I have just posted over at Web Dawn about peer-to-peer reputation systems. The idea is to use social network-based trust to store reputation information in a P2P network. Click here to read more.

December 11, 2003

Reputation Management Service

What is Reputation Management and how does it relate to web presence management?

In life and in business, reputation is everything. So it goes on the web as well. Your web site is one of representations of your reputation. You are your web site. When disgruntled customers complain about your company in discussion forums, and chat rooms around the web, that is another representation of your reputation. You are what people are saying about you.

In the years ahead, reputation will become even more important on the web. To be successful, you will need to manage your reputation on and off your web site. Software systems are services are emerging that measure and record reputation in quantitative and qualitative ways. I can help your company develop a reputation mangement strategy.

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Coming soon: Books as Blogs