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Search Engine Optimization Service

Search Engine Optimization is a collection of techniques and strategies for achieving high rankings on search engines like Google.

I developed some effective strategies for ranking well on search engines. By implementing these strategies, I received over 50,000 visitors from Google in November, 2003. Here are some example of search terms that my pages rank well for:

social marketplace (#1)
seinfeld (#1)
google ranking (#2)
blog spam (#2)
curb your enthusiasm (#5)
blog donations (#1)
blog design (#3)
movable type customization (#1)
mars rover (#5)

The first step that I take is to analyze the main key words and phrases of a particular web site, and the level competition in the search results. This step is very important. Some phrased are easy to rank high for, and others are very difficult. For the the difficult, competitive search terms, it take a long time, and a lot of money, to rank in the top 10. One of my strategies is to rank high for a large number of less competitive terms. You would be amazed at the amount of search engine traffic can be generated quickly using this approach.

Click here for more information about a free assessment for the optimization of your site(s).


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How long are you doin this ?


Hi Mark !
I am just checking in to see if you got my e-mail on the free site review. Please get back to me when you have the opportunity.

Thanks ,
Jason Morris

I have a number one rank on the keyword phrase Sharepoint Training on Yahoo and MSN but have gone from page one to page 20+ at Google since erlier this year. Any ideas?

We are trying to go up at least a few spots in the google results for SharePoint Training. Mark, do you think could help.

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