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PostPosted: September 19, 2008 3:03 AM 

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Mr. Anuge Martins

PostPosted: January 19, 2010 1:03 PM 

Since March 2009, I have been executing a business but the cash was not forth coming. Main while, I have already collected some money from two of my friends on the ground that i will pay back soon. I collected $20,000usd from one and the other $140,000usd. It got to a point that money became a problem and I was short of cash. My cousin told me about one lender called Mr. Anuge Martins that he paid fee to him bfore getting the loan. I contacted him and told him the problems I was facing and ask for a loan of $350,000usd. He called me and said that i should pray against the spirit of lost that he will also pray for God's favours for me before sending the $350,000usd to me but that I will have to agree to his terms and conditions. I committed the matter to God hands and decreed an end to every lost of business. A week later my loan of $350,000usd was doposited to my account by Mr. Anuge Martins Loan Firm, he sent me an email that favour will come my way, I went to return the 20,000usd I collected from my friend, he returned $5,000usd to me as a gift but I refuse it on the ground that I have delayed his money. I then remember that I miss it all because Mr. Anuge Martins said that he has prayed for God's favour for me. I went to return the $140,000usd given to me by my other friend he collected $100,000usd and gave me $40,000usd and said that I should use it to boost my business. I have not recovered from the shock when an elderly friend called me and told he wanted to sell some materials off. But since I needed them for my business, he said I should go get a van to carry them free of charge. Mr. Anuge Martins is not only a loan lender but a man of God. You can contact him via., tell him Richard from Indianapolis USA

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