Introducing the Blog Spam Database

Welcome to the Blog Spam Database. The purpose of this site is to serve as a collaboration space for sharing information about known sources of blog comment spam. There are currently three categories of blog spam tracked on this site:

Spam Domains - known domains that spammers will attempt to link to.
Spam Phrases - known phrases used by spammers.
Spam IPs - known IP addresses used to post blog spam.

Spam Domains and Spam Phrases can be blocked using a new MT plugin called MT-Blacklist, created by Jay Allen. The Spam Domains and Spam Phrases databases on this site can be exported in a text format, suitable for importing into MT-Blacklist.

This site will only be successful if we all share information about blog comment spam sources. Use the button in each section to help build the database. I would like to add a bulk import tool that could be used to import mutliple domains at once (such as the blacklist.txt file created by MT-Blacklist) - but I am not sure that my limited Perl skills are up to the task - any help is appreciated.

I am interested in any and all feedback or suggestions regarding the Blog Spam Database. Please post your comments in the discussion for this entry. Thanks.

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