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Stan versus the 900 Pound Gorilla

For the past several years, I have maintained a Seinfeld web site under the alias "Stan The Caddy". It does well on the search engines - in fact, the past few days it has been #1 on Google for 'seinfeld', but usually the official site beats me out. For the search term seinfeld dvd, however I have been number one for at least a year - until today. Finally, 2 weeks ago, the first of the Seinfeld DVDs were made available for pre-order. So a lot of people (including myself) linked to the order pages on Amazon.com. Today, the Amazon.com pages outrank mine.

As often is the case, large commercial ecommerce sites outrank the little guy. But Stan has worked hard for that #1 ranking, and he is going to stand up to the 900 pound gorilla that is Amazon.com. And he intends on winning.

If you want to help Stan in this quest, please link to http://www.stanthecaddy.com/seinfeld-dvd/ with the link text 'Seinfeld DVD'. Thanks in advance for your help. ;)

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Two days later, Stan is back on top (at least for now). :D


You're amazing. I was 600th for seinfeld and last week I dropped over 1000th. :-(

I can still console myself with seinfeld+music and seinfeld+game.

BTW, newyorkfour.com is dead and still linked on your site. Isn't that bad for SEO to link to dead sites?

Keep it up!

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