With the recent announcement of Facebook Graph Search, the practice of Facebook SEO may be right around the corner.

But how would Facebook Graph Search Engine Optimization (FGSEO?) work? Rather than ranking web sites, business will strive to have their Facebook "Pages" ranking high for relevant queries. It remains to be seen how Facebook will rank such search results. Of course, "on-page" keywords will play a part, with Pages having search keywords in various profile fields, and perhaps even in post content.

Social Scoring

Facebook being Facebook, we can expect that social actions will play large part in the scoring and ranking of results. Convention web page search engines like Google place most weight on links pointing to a page, but I think Facebook won't bother trying to tally links to Facebook Pages (nor to the external web sites associated with those Pages). They will almost certainly consider the number of likes, shares, and comments that a pages and its posts get, and perhaps weighing some recent actions more than those in the distant past.

How to do Facebook SEO

Given this, what how should companies and SEOs approach the task of Facebook SEO? The answer to this question will take some in coming. Of course, boosting Likes to a Facebook Page is certainly one way, but there's nothing new about that approach. The interesting question for me is whether -- and how -- will managing Facebook Pages change when Facebook SEO becomes part of the goal?