A month ago, I switched to using a stand up desk. Rather than sitting at a desk while working, I now stand up. In short: so far, so good.

Why would I do this? Its better for the back and better for your health in general. Perhaps you have see the headlines about a recent study that suggests sitting too much can double your risk of death. One of the striking aspects of this study is that the relationship existed even for people who were otherwise heathy and exercised regularly. I used to think: 'I know sitting all day is not good, but I run, I go to the gym, etc.' So when I found myself without a desk in early July, I decided to give a stand up desk a try.IMG_6133.JPG

While you can get fancy adjustable height desks that go up and down with the press of a button, my setup is essentially fixed at standing height. The adjustable height desks are crazy expensive, but may be worth it considering the health benefits. My desk is about $150 from IKEA, one of their table tops plus 4 VIKA BYSKE table legs. These table legs are way more expensive that other table legs from IKEA, but they are adjustable all the way up to standing height (at least for me at 6 foot 2 with maybe an inch or two to spare, but not more). While technical adjustable, the design of the legs is such that you would need to remove all items from the desk and slowly turn each leg to adjust the height -- not something you would do a on a daily basis, way too much effort and time. The table top is set to the level of my forearms when held a right angle to my body, with the monitor elevated to eye level. I have a folded yoga mat to stand on, making it easier on the legs.

It has gone well. My legs and back do get tired at times, and short breaks are necessary. I also try to to stand still all day, often gently shifting weight from one foot to the other, picking up my feet, walking in place, slight twists, etc. Moving is better than standing still. They say that a treadmill desk is even better than a standing desk, but I am not there yet.