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June 17, 2003

My sponsered child, Hama from Niger, Africa
A portion of the proceeds from this site help sponsor Hama from Niger. Click here for more information.

Forum View for blogs

I have now added a "Forum View" to this blog. Forum View displays the blog entries similar to topics in a discussion forum. The title of each blog entry is shown, along with the entry author, the number of replies, and the name and date of the most recent reply. Just like a forum, the entries are sorted in descending order by the date of the replies -- so the entry with the most recent reply is shown at the top of the list, regardless of the date of the actual entry. Forum View only shows entries that have at least one reply (I haven't yet figured out a way to display zero-comment entries with MovableType tags while maintaining the proper sort order).

Forum View provides an alternative view to the blog, giving a more accurate view of the conversations taking place. With the more recently active conversations listed on top, you can quickly get a sense of which entries have generated discussion - without scrolling to the bottom of each entry to see the number of comments. Try the forum view here. What do you think? Click on 'conversation' below to share your thoughts.

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