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May 12, 2003

Using the Technorati API to calculate a reputation score

A day after I talked about using Technorati as a reputation system, they have posted an API! So I decided to take a stab at it. I couldn't seem to get the API to return more than 20 items in a cosmos, so I had to estimate points beyond that threshold. I have used the average numbers of points-per-inbound-blog of the top 20 (most recent) to estimate the rest. This means that the score is highly skewed in proportion to the reputation of recent inbound blogs. While I did this to get around a problem, perhaps it makes sense to weight recent inbound blogs more heavily -- the reputation of people talking about me today is more relevant to those from months ago. Other than this estimation, the estimated Cosmos Score is based on the scheme I described in my previous post -- without a dilution factor for outbound blogs. While the API does provide a means to access the number of outbound blogs, it requires a seperate API call for each blog, making it prohibitive to do so for an entire link cosmos. In addition to the features requested by Joi Ito, I would like to see 1) a way to return an entire link cosmos with a single API call, 2) an tag added to the "cosmos" procedure, and 3) more granular field requests (for example, a way to request only blog name, or rss-url for each item) - this would save Technorati bandwidth and speed parsing. Try it out: what is your (estimated) Cosmos Score?

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